Between Barack And A Hard Place In Syria

Barack Obama discussed the movement or use of chemical weapons in Syria as a red line that would be crossed and require action. The red line was crossed and now something has to be done or Obama will look like all talk and no action. He will lose face if he does not do something and this is of his own doing.

Obama is weighing options with regard to a military strike in Syria. He has not recalled Congress to get its approval for such an action and it appears as if he might not do so. The use of chemical weapons in Syria is not an attack on the US and there is not an imminent threat to this country so he is required to get Congressional approval for any military action.

Whether you agree with George Bush’s decision to go into Iraq or not he did get Congressional approval for the use of military force. No matter what the outcome or how one feels about it Bush did what he was supposed to do.

The reality is that if Obama strikes Syria then Syria and Iran will strike Israel. This will draw in players like Russia and China as well as the UK, France and the US. In other words, this situation is a powder keg with a short fuse that could result in World War III.

Obama is in a tight spot because of his mouth.

His Democrats are in a tight spot because after years of bashing Bush for actions in Iraq they are now faced with a nearly identical situation (and the WMD in Syria likely came from Iraq). These Democrats will have to rationalize any yes vote on military action because they all eventually expressed their disapproval.

When there was talk about going into Iran Joe Biden said he would push for impeachment of Bush if he did so without Congressional approval. Barack Obama said that the president could not use military force without congressional approval unless there was an attack on our country or a threat of imminent attack. Now he is pushing to do that which he said was illegal and that which his VP (who was a Senator at the time) said would cause him to push for impeachment.

How will Democrats reconcile the conflict between doing the exact opposite of what they railed about and their desire to keep Obama from looking weaker than he already looks to the rest of the world?

If Barack Obama orders military force be used in Syria without Congressional approval then the military has an obligation not to carry out the orders and Obama should be impeached. If anyone in the military carries out those orders they should be prosecuted for obeying unlawful orders.

If Obama calls on Congress and Congress gives the approval then we have to live with the consequences though Democrats will still have to explain how their change of heart was for national security and not to cover Obama’s rear end.

If Obama goes to Congress and does not get approval then he is stuck with his foot in his mouth looking like a paper tiger.

In addition, all the anti war, anti Bush protesters will have to show the same reaction to Obama as they did to Bush. To do otherwise would show their blatant anti American hypocrisy.

Keep in mind, Bush got approval from Congress.

Now it is time for the alleged Constitutional law professor to follow the Constitution.

I know why should he start now?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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