Better Ban Video Games

Retiring Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who has already expressed his desire to implement stronger gun laws, is saying that the shooter in his state had a hypnotic involvement in violent video games. According to Lieberman Adam Lanza was a troubled youth whose video game obsession led to him becoming a murderer.

Lieberman tells us that not everyone who plays violent video games becomes a murderer but that some do.

I guess what he is saying is that not everyone should be painted with a broad brush, you know, like claiming that guns need to be banned since a small number of people use them to do bad things.

The murder of the children in Connecticut was tragic and should never happen in any society but it does.

It happens in countries where guns are banned and it happens in places in America where guns are banned (think Chicago). Any shooting at a school happens in an area where guns are banned because federal laws designate schools as gun free zones.

Ronald Reagan was shot in Washington DC, a place with strict gun control. Over 40 people a month are shot in Chicago, a place where guns are banned. Lots of people in Mexico are murdered with guns (some of them provided by Obama and Holder) and Mexico has strict gun control.

People who want to do harm with guns like to go to places where others do not have guns so schools fit right in there as do malls and some theaters.

Have you ever heard of someone murdering anyone at a gun show? Have you ever heard of anyone even attempting such a thing at a gun show? How about a gun store, anyone?

No, because the people there are armed and will shoot anyone who tries such stupidity.

Mass shootings are down in the US. Round the clock coverage and instant access to news makes it seem like they are more frequent but they are not. Hell, the worst murder of children in school happened decades ago and dynamite was the murder weapon.

If we want to protect our children and the rest of society then the children in our schools deserve the same protection that Barack Obama’s daughters get. Is there any doubt that if any person with a gun stormed their school that a Secret Service Agent would shoot him?

Why are armed people allowed in their school for their protection but all other schools in the US are gun free zones? If adults with carry permits who were trained to use firearms had been allowed in the school in Newtown the result might have been much different.

If only Barack Obama’s girls were students there…

I read something earlier that made sense. People do not raise an eyebrow over people in armored vehicles carrying guns to protect bags of money but cringe at the thought of people with guns protecting our children. This is an example of seriously misplaced priorities. The White House has armed Guards and a fence. Most federal buildings have blast walls or fences and armed guards. Signs indicating the use of deadly force is authorized against anyone who tries to do bad things are posted in these places but our schools have signs telling criminals that there are no guns inside so they will be safe if they want to do harm.

How many people would try to climb a fence with signs indicating that the fence was electrified? How many people would try to shoot up a school if signs were posted indicating there were armed people inside?

This man has it right.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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3 Responses to “Better Ban Video Games”

  1. Bleech says:

    Too bad you were not a teacher there. You could of been a man instead of a asshole. What kind of sick violent creep wishes death on another persons children-Real class Dog-

    • Big Dog says:

      I approved this comment so I could show that Bleech is an idiot. In this post I point out that Obama’s kids have SS protection so armed people make sure they are safe and you could bet if someone tried this at their school the SS would shoot them. Then I said too bad his kids did not attend the school in Newtown and it is obvious to anyone with reading skills that it meant there would be armed men there who would have stopped the shooter. Bleech, ever the idiot, took it to mean I wanted his kids there so they would have been victims. No Bleech, I do not wish death on anyone’s kids and the post clearly points out the reason for these things and how the standards are different for Obama’s kids and the kids that were murdered. I would never wish harm on a child and only an idiot would read this any other way.

      Then again, you are an idiot.

      And if I were there I do not know what would have happened. It would all depend on what items were available to use as a weapon and whether he shot me first before I could attack him. I would not lay down in the fetal position and suck my thumb like you idiot liberal twits. Go back to school and learn reading comprehension you moron.