Better Ban Hip Hop

We are bombarded with noise from the left telling us that we need to ban guns or make it nearly impossible for law abiding to get them as a way to deter crime with guns. I have discussed many times but it bears repeating, criminals do not obey the law. Nearly all the shootings involve people who obtained firearms illegally, illegally owned them and used them, you guessed it, illegally.

It is also true that none of the gun control measures passed would have prevented those firearms from being illegally obtained or used. Gun control is not about guns it is about control and the only people it controls are the law abiding.

The people in our society who want to ban guns fall into two categories, the politicians who want to do so in order to control us and the people who are too ignorant to understand. Anyone who thinks that banning something will make it unavailable is absolutely ignorant, period.

Heroin is banned in this country and people use it every day.

Keep in mind that at one point in our history we banned alcohol. People still got it, drank it and sold it. The ban on alcohol was so ineffective it was repealed.

So we know banning things does not get rid of them. Well, at least the thinking among us know this.

But, given the liberal idea that if something causes or is used to cause harm it must be banned and banning it will make things better, I call for the immediate ban of Hip Hop music.

Too often in society people are murdered because of Hip Hop. People are murdered at Hip Hop events, in rivalries among hip Hop groups and by gangs influenced by that genre of music.

We have these Hip Hop related murders so frequently that it is obvious Hip Hop is dangerous and MUST be banned.

Now don’t tell me we can’t blame the music for the actions of people who listen to it because the anti-gun crowd blames firearms for the actions of people who obtain and use them illegally.

But instead of banning this murderous brand of music B. Hussein Obama invites the Hip Hop artists, the merchants of music death, to the White House to entertain.

As an aside, abortion has taken more innocent lives than all the privately owned firearms in this nation combined. More babies were mass murdered this last month than all the so called mass murders by firearms in the last decade (in the US). Funny because Obama is in bed with the merchants of baby death as well…

So we need to ban Hip Hop music. It is for the children….

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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