Better Ban Assault Pressure Cookers

The tragic bombing in Boston hurt over 100 people and was as devastating as the shootings in Aurora, Tucson and Newtown. So far not as many people have died as a result of the bombs but more were injured and there are plenty who have lost limbs. All of these incidents were carried out by bad people with no regard for human life.

After the shootings the anti gun crowd ratcheted up pressure to impose more gun control. The gun control has passed in several states and the US Congress is debating the issue as well. None of the measures will stop murders and none of them would have stopped the shootings because bad people do not obey the law.

This has not stopped the anti gun people from playing on emotions and telling us that if the life of only one child is saved then it would be worth it. If they really meant that they would push to ban abortion and save the lives of millions of children. That is not part of the agenda so that is not discussed. It is also why the Democrat stenographers in the media are ignoring the trial of the abortion doctor in Philadelphia who murdered babies who were born alive.

Back on point. A few murders by gun and the anti gun, anti Constitution crowd clamors to get rid of guns.

The people who bombed the Boston Marathon used pressure cookers filled with ball bearings. These were high capacity pressure cookers, if you will.

We need laws to immediately ban these devices so that more people will not be murdered with them.

An eight year old boy was killed in the bombing.

If we can save the life of only one child…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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2 Responses to “Better Ban Assault Pressure Cookers”

  1. Real Deal says:

    Logic & satire, the Lefties “don’ git it”.

    As you pointed out, the logic they are using to ban firearms and standard magazines does not hold up. If the arguement was valid and consistant there would be an outcry to ban the following items:

    1) Abortion
    2) Cars
    3) Pools
    4) Children’s toys
    5) Pressure cookers

  2. Blake says:

    RD, you could add liquor as a mitigating agent- Where is the personal responsibility we should all have been imbued with (if our parents did their jobs).