Bernie Supporters Get A Taste

Socialism has never worked. There is no denying this because everywhere it has been tried it has failed. One needs look no further than Venezuela to see a modern day collapse of a socialist system, the kind of system that Bernie Sanders wants in our country.

Bernie’s supporters don’t understand this. They believe that socialism has failed because no one has ever done it right and they believe Bernie is the guy who can do it the right way.

The reality is these people have no clue. They hear the words free stuff and they are all in (gimmiedats) and they really do not care that the “free” stuff they get has to be paid for by people who work and earn. The money they earn is confiscated by the government and redistributed. These people do not care until one day they are the earners being pilfered.

It is really strange they don’t understand this because they are seeing it and complaining about it every day. They are even getting aggressive over it.

What is it they see?

Bernie has run a pretty good campaign and has a string of wins in state primary elections. Hillary recently broke the string with a win in Kentucky but Bernie ran off an impressive string. Even though he did he earned very few delegates and Hillary, in some cases, got more than he did.

The Democrats have a system where they employ super delegates. These are party faithful and special folks who are not bound to vote for anyone. This system is in place to keep the people from actually selecting the Democrat candidate. The people get to vote and think they are making a difference but the super delegates get to make sure the pick is the person the establishment wants.

So what has happened is that Bernie is winning and he and Hillary are splitting delegates but the super delegates came out long ago in favor of Hillary so she is well ahead of Bernie and close to clinching despite all of Bernie’s hard work and despite Bernie winning a lot of states.

You see, Bernie and his supporters are victims of the socialist philosophy. He and his supporters work hard and earn delegates only to have the super delegates and thus victory go to Hillary.

He works for it and she gets it, just as it is in a socialist society.

His people will complain about the process but they are only victims of the very thing they want to impose on the rest of us.

Yeah baby, feel the burn…..

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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5 Responses to “Bernie Supporters Get A Taste”

  1. Adam says:

    Hi. I was just stopping by to see your opinion of Trump but I got distracted by your talk of the delegates. If you threw out the Superdelegates then Clinton is still leading by 272 pledged delegates. Sanders needs to win over 75% of the remaining delegates to catch up and far more to pass her. The irony is that for all the talk the Sanders people have done to trash the Superdelegate system they actually cannot win without Superdelegates switching to his side. Clinton has won more states, more pledged delegates, and more votes. This is why the Superdelegates will remain squarely in Clinton’s camp.

    • Big Dog says:

      The system is moronic and takes the decision away from the people. It was designed to ensure that the chosen (party chosen) candidate would win. If Hillary were losing in the delegate count from the states the supers would be sure to push her over.

      The reality is those supers were pledged to her long before any of the cotes in the states had taken place so the will of the people is not important to them (regardless of what the count is they pledged before the votes took place and that is by design). Sanders is getting a taste of his own socialism.

      What I think of Trump. Certainly not who I wanted BUT he is a hell of a lot better than the two on the other side. Out of the three he is the only one that has ever signed the front of a paycheck. He is the only one that has not spent his life living off the taxpayer. Is he truly conservative? No but he is far more so than the other two who want us to become Greece or Venezuela…

      How have you been?

  2. Blake says:

    Hey Adam, long time- glad to see you are doing alright (at least I hope so).
    I am sure you are all in for the Hil, even though she lies and cheats, and possibly had Vince Foster killed- will we ever know? I doubt it, but she has the moral turpitude to do so, but that is old compost now, so let’s just indict her and get it over with’
    Personally, I hope that she is shackled and frog-walked as she prepares to give her acceptance speech- now THAT’S A MOMENT.

  3. Adam says:

    I guess you can look at it that way but the Superdelegate system according to the people who made it is designed to stop people like Sanders who isn’t even a Democrat. Superdelegates can’t change the course of a clear primary like with Kerry in 2004 but they can help sway things like they did in 2008. They showed in 2008 that they’re open to an unexpected underdog beating the front runner like Obama did with Clinton. They were both Democrats. If they were as moronic as you say they might have tried to step in and side with Clinton but they didn’t. This one is tricky this time out because Sanders isn’t even really a Democrat. At some point he realized he couldn’t catch up and the Superdelegates weren’t going to switch sides so he just returned to attacking the Democratic party for not being liberal enough as he has for decades. The Superdelegates know this.

    I bet there are a lot of Republicans wishing they had a Superdelegate system that could have stopped Trump. I think it was a mistake to nominate him. He may win. He may even be a good president. But it feels like this is going to hurt the Republican party more than it will help them and the country won’t come out ahead in the least. The only thing this is good for is the Trump brand which seems to honestly be the only thing Trump cares about in the world.

    I’ve been alright. Staying busy with work and three kids.

    • Big Dog says:

      Three kids, you finally figured out what causes that, eh? LOL

      The Trump brand is all he care about, perhaps but it is absolutely true that the Clinton name and making money off it is all the Clintons care about. Why else would they sell out America to get donations to the money laundering scheme known as the Clinton Foundation?

      Yeah, Bernie was not a real Democrat. Funny how they never excluded him in Congress when he caucused with them….