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Bernie Says Hill Breaking Law

With all the attention focused on the infighting in the Republican party the fighting among the two old white Democrat candidates has not received as much press, at least until recently. Sanders and Clinton have been steadily increasing their attacks on each other. They claim not to run negative campaigns but they are really going after each other.

The debate last Thursday was a demonstration of how far south things have gone between the two Democrats.

The New York primary is tomorrow and the polls indicate that Clinton is leading but the race has tightened. With that tightening race comes new accusations by Sanders that Clinton is violating campaign finance laws. The full details are in the linked article and if the allegations are true then it would appear she is breaking the law.

Is that a shock? Hillary has been breaking the law for decades so why would anyone think she would follow it now?

Ever since the Clintons started their public lives they have been involved in scandal after scandal. If the history of the Clintons involved an accusation or two one might dismiss them as politics but with these two everything they are involved in results in accusations of criminal activity. Hillary is the focus at the present because she is running for the presidency.

So did she do it? Probably but if her history is any indication then she has put several layers between her and the activity so that she has plausible deniability.

Sanders is probably right on this one but Hillary will never face the music because she is not the only criminal involved. She has most of the Democrat party as accomplices.

So while she wants a term of four years I think twenty-five to life is more appropriate.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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