Berkeley Sissy Insults Military Members!

I got an email from NewsMax and in it they discussed some items about the election. There was a part where they stated that the donks are not happy that a survey shows the military backs President Bush by a 3 to 1 margin. Some sissy from Berkeley, the same institution that was anti-Vietnam war, pro-VC and Kerry demonstrators, wrote in to express his learned opinion.

Some Democrats were furious about the National Annenberg Election Survey’s finding that GIs and their families trust President Bush over Sen. John Kerry by 3 to 1.

A regular NewsMax reader and letter writer who often shares with us the unique perspective of the Left Coast university town of Berkeley, weighed in:

“It is reported the Military personnel trust and prefer Bush to Kerry. In that case, it would be wiser to get rid of the stupid, over-inflated army than have 4 more Bush years. I suppose the average soldier is rather stupid and couldn’t get a job elsewhere. They probably think they will go straight to Heaven if they die for Bush, U.S., Jesus and Big Daddy of Sky Ranch.”

Apparently John Edwards was right: There are two Americas.

Can you believe this limp wristed, spineless, sissy from a elitist liberal University had the nerve to insult the very people who protect his right to say such things? I do not know who this ass is but he represents the class of people who spend their lives in universities thinking they are doing something important while the rest of the world works in REAL jobs. This limp wristed jerk had the nerve to say the soldiers probably could not get another job. As opposed to what jackass, a liberal, tenured professor who lives a sheltered life drinking kool-aid with his sissy friends while the soldiers protect their coward butts?

Imagine the gall of calling into question a service member’s intelligence because he supports a person with whom they do not agree. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the kind of people who support John Kerry because they are all cut from the same cloth. They think that the fact they influence young people with their misguided ideas about the world makes them experts.

They will never realize that freedom is not free because they have never had to fight for anything more than a better parking space near the faculty lounge. They insult those who do not agree with them because they are superior to the rest of us.

I would rather be with the least intelligent soldier in the world than the smartest professor Berkeley has to offer. I know the soldier will have my back, will be loyal to God and Country, and will not run in the face of danger. I know soldiers cherish what they have because they have had to fight for their piece of the pie as well as for everyone else’s. The soldier has a backbone. This is a lot more than I can say about the limp wristed, kool-aid drinking pansies that infest academia.

To the writer, I have a piece of advice. If you ever come around my neck of the woods, for your own sake, do not express this opinion. If you do I can promise you that you will get an education like you have never, ever, experienced before in you miserable life.

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