Berger Admits Guilt in Classified Document Theft

What is it about the Clintons that engenders such loyalty from their friends and associates that they are willing to commit crimes on the Clintons’ behalf? Friday, Sandy Berger took a bullet for the Clinton legacy. (Let’s pray it’s the first and last Clinton legacy.) Berger pled guilty to sneaking classified documents out of the National Archives and using scissors to destroy some of them. Under the plea agreement, he will receive a slap on the wrist: pay a $10,000 fine, surrender his security clearance for three years and cooperate with investigators. With that infamous Clinton-associate teflon coating, he will escape the jail time he deserves.

Last summer, Berger vehemently claimed his actions were an “honest mistake.” Hmmm? Guess it was really a mistake in judgment to which he was referring – and not the criminal act. Even then, his claim didn’t exactly ring true. He was, after all, the national security advisor to the Clinton Whitehouse and had daily access to this country’s most sensitive intelligence. He had to know and enforce the protocol. And, why hide documents all over your person if you truly don’t realize you’re doing something wrong? If you ask me, hiding papers in your pants is a clear indication of consciousness of guilt. Personally, I don’t know anyone that uses their pants to store personal files – let alone classified documents.

Let’s examine what he admits to doing. First, he copied secret documents. He then hid them in his brief case and clothing in order to remove them from the building undetected. Once he brought the documents to his office, he destroyed them by cutting them up with scissors. Each one of these steps, in and of itself, is a violation of the laws and regulations governing such documents. There is no wiggle room here.

“In his plea, Berger also admitted that he concealed and removed his handwritten notes from the Archives prior to a classification review, in violation of Archives rules and procedures. Those notes have been returned to the government.” – Department of Justice (DOJ) statement concerning Berger’s plea

Although Berger now admits he “exercised poor judgment,” he claims he only took the documents to help himself and others prepare for the hearing into the 9/11 investigation. It seems Berger and the “others” just didn’t want to sit in the National Archives and do their homework. Yeah, right! And for that matter, exactly who were these “others.” Berger didn’t name “them;” but, I bet we could make an educated guess that at least one of them sports the surname of Clinton.

“But still missing are drafts of a sensitive after-action report on the Clinton administration’s response to a failed terror plot to blow up the Los Angeles International Airport during December 1999, otherwise known as “the Millennium plot.

One source told FOX News that the report was critical of how the Clinton administration handled Al Qaeda threats to the U.S. homeland and that the missing report made security recommendations that were never implemented.” – Fox News

We likely will never know the complete story behind Berger’s theft or learn what he actually destroyed. It will remain one of the many Clinton-era mysteries. Documents just seem to vanish whenever they have something negative to say about the Clintons, like in the cases of Whitewater, the pardon scandal, Travelgate and Vince Foster’s suicide. Admittedly, it’s all speculation since we can never be certain what the missing documents disclose. However, anyone with any intelligence can reason why it happened — and why it happened so often. Like the saying goes: “Where there’s smoke; there’s usually fire.”

When this story broke last July, the Democrats mounted their “high horses” and accused President Bush of using the story to impact the upcoming elections. At the time, Berger was an adviser to the Kerry campaign and eventually was forced to resign his position. The Dems decried it as dirty pool and dirty politics. Former President Clinton was one of those questioning the DOJ investigation into Berger’s activities and its timing. Do we hear any apologies? I think not.

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  1. Sandy Berger

    Sandy Berger ought to be getting his ass raped in a dark prison.

    What’s worse than the lack of prison time and anal rape is the fact that they are not even taking away his security clearance! It’s only suspended for three years! What the f*&^…