Ben Affleck Proves the Point

Ben Affleck was on the show of anti Christian Bil Maher and said that Romeny would win the Republican nomination and then he went into an expletive filled rant on the Democrats because they passed a spending bill without time lines. Affleck said they did that because they did not want to go on vacation and have the president talk badly about them. Truth is, they did not want the bill to get in the way of them going on vacation. How would it look if they went on holiday without money for the troops? People would be demanding that they stay until they were able to get something done. They were not about to give up vacation and risk working more than 100 days this year. Affleck said one thing that is pretty interesting (if you can believe it):

“These (bleeping) people,” he said. “This is the (bleeping) problem with that. Democrats live in fear of basically being called cowards,” Boston Herald

His rant was directed toward the Democrats. My question is, if you live in fear of something doesn’t that pretty much make you a coward? If you live in fear of being called a coward, what does that say about you?

It is one thing to be afraid or to have fear, but to live in fear…

Big Dog

From Webster:
coward – one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity

UPDATE: Ms. Underestimated has the video

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2 Responses to “Ben Affleck Proves the Point”

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  2. It’s not ok for a bunch of newbies in Iraq to take too long getting their act together; but these Dems aren’t much better.