Bella Pelosi and the Birds

Screecher of the House Nancy Bella Pelosi went on a four day trek to Iraq so she could stay in a safe place and get a “good idea” of what was going on there. If Barbara Boxer believes that Dr. Condi Rice does not understand the price of war because she has no children then how is Bella able to assess the war since has has never served? I guess the fact that she served tea as the home maker for her rich hubby makes her qualified.

Pelosi arrived home to find an uninvited guest. A black bird had somehow gotten into her house (probably because of global warming) and had knocked a few things over. Bella and someone else spent an hour chasing it around before they caught it and let it go. I do not believe this story and I think it is a complete fabrication to cover up what really happened.

My belief is that one of the bats from her belfry is no longer there.


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