Behar Displays Progressive Civility

Josephina Victoria Occhiuto, better known as Joy Behar, a nearly 70 year old harpy who has had several failed TV talk shows (and is engaging in a soon to be failed talk show on Al Gore’s network), is an unhappy progressive who wishes ill on those with whom she disagrees. She was interviewed by Mediaite recently and she had some very disturbing things to say.

Behar was asked what she would ask Mitt Romney (I assume the question was hypothetical should she be able to interview him on her soon to fail show) and she basically said she would ask about his flip flopping. She also indicated that she would ask if he intended to endorse the Paul Ryan budget which Behar said would be bad.

Keep in mind, Ryan and Republicans are the only people working on budgets as the Democrat controlled Senate has failed to deliver a budget for about 1100 days.

In any event, the progressive Behar got around to saying Romney was making fun of Barack Obama for wanting to hire more firemen, policemen and teachers. The remark refers to Romney asking if Obama got the message from Wisconsin that people wanted less government. That led Behar to claim the statement was idiotic.

Let’s clear a few things up. Except for federal police officers and firefighters (and teachers who teach for the federal government) all these occupations are hired at the local level. These public servants are hired at the state level or lower (county, city, etc) so the federal government is not involved in that process. The only thing that the feds have done is infuse federal taxpayer dollars into states so they could pay for the out of control benefits to these union employees and the retirees of those unions.

Most firefighters in this country are volunteers

The whole issue is designed to play on emotions. States and localities do not cut essential services like police and fire first. If they cut at all they make the cuts in all kinds of other places first because these entities represent large blocks of union (read Democrat) voters. This is the main reason Democrats want to send them money.

Personally, I think if a jurisdiction can’t run its budget correctly then it needs new leadership and it needs to find ways to live within its means regardless of what has to be CUT.

Behar was not done though. She demonstrated the great civility of the left by proclaiming that she would like to see Romney’s house burn down. Then she disparaged his religion by asking who he would call, the Mormon fire patrol.

Just imagine if a conservative had asked about a Jewish politician if he was going to call the Jew fire patrol. Imagine if that same conservative had asked about a Muslim politician if he was going to call the Muslim fire patrol…

I think we all know where that would go.

Then again it is not conservatives who are playing class warfare and dividing Americans by wealth, sex and religion.

That comes from the bigots on the left.

Behar is a tired old lady who runs her mouth without the assistance of brain cells that have long since been depleted by a lack of oxygen because of where she keeps her head. She does not engage in intelligent conversation and she rarely makes sense because she defends things that are indefensible, chiefly progressivism. It is a shame because she is well educated. The shame is that she wasted the education on lunacy.

She will fail once again as a talk show host but I doubt that will keep her from running her mouth.

One thing I think she could be successful at is using her picture to cure that erection that lasts for four hours associated with some erectile dysfunction drugs.

Talking Heads, just for Joy

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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One Response to “Behar Displays Progressive Civility”

  1. Blake says:

    Joy is a great example of what I call a c***- in the purest, most nasty sense of the word, and I would say it to her face if i could-She deserves that kind of honesty, and so does the rest of the liberal- oh excuse me (let’s call them what they truly are- socialists intent on destroying America)- and they need some plain speech, since diplomatic speech seems to fall on ignorant ears.