Because Obama Would Never Wiretap Americans…

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Or as Nancy Pelosi said, we don’t do that.

Donald Trump claimed that Barack Obama wiretapped him while he was a candidate and after he became President elect. The media, the liberals and the RINOs are saying it can’t be true. No, this is foolish. We have the usual suspects claiming Trump is off his rocker and lashing out with untrue stories.

There has been little actual denial that wiretaps took place, only that Obama did not order it (he wouldn’t, the FISA Court would). Liberals are saying this means Trump is in trouble because if there was a warrant it means the judge thinks there was enough evidence to show Trump did something wrong. Hogwash, the fist warrant request was denied. Why did the second one get approved? Did a judge appointed by Obama get tapped to approve the warrant? They are supposed to be secret so what would it matter if some liberal judge approved it?

In any event, the liberals are sticking with the story that they didn’t do it and we just don’t do that.

Here is a list (thanks to Wikileaks) of the Americans Obama HAS had wiretapped (remember, they don’t do that).

There is no evidence there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians no matter what the Dems say. There is evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump (to take on a presidential candidate would require him knowing though they would give him plausible deniability) and that this was done for political reasons.

I hope this plays out and they find all kinds of people up to and including Obama involved. I would like to see him frog marched out of his house.

Not to fear. Clapper said they did not do it. Of course he did tell us the NSA was not spying on us and we now know that was a LIE.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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