Because Liberalism IS Weakness

Girly throwResearchers conducted a study and concluded that men who are physically strong (have more upper body strength) tend to be conservative and men who are physically weak tend to support welfare and wealth redistribution. This should come as no surprise when one looks at liberals. They are metrosexuals who need someone to care for them because they are not able to care for themselves.

It is obvious that liberals are a bit wimpy, have you ever seen Obama throw a baseball? Lest we forget he bowled a 37…

Why do you think liberals oppose firearms? These are tools of strength and liberal men can’t have that. They would prefer to sip frou-frou coffee and collect government assistance because they know they are not able to care for themselves.

Now I know there are some liberal men who are physically strong (I know many) and some conservative men who are physically weak (I know some of them too) but the research does not say the results are true in all cases, just that they tend to be so.

Look at the liberal men you see on TV and see if they appear to have more upper body strength or less and also look to see if they look a bit girly. It should not be hard to find a number of these liberal weaklings beyond Obama and Holder. Look around in everyday life and you can figure which men are self supporting and strong and which ones are weak and need to be taken care of.

The study links the finding to evolution and claims that humans have always been political but in the past governments and courts did not make decisions about the distribution. These were done through shows of strength. The strong were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor while the weak depended on others to help them out. If you were strong it was unlikely someone was going to take your stuff or that you would produce much of your own.

Why do you think liberals always fear conservatives coming to power? Why do you think that liberals run on fear that some mean conservative will take your free gubmint stuff if elected?

They are not strong so they fear that their lifeline, the stuff gubmint has extorted from the strong, will go away.

Liberals want big government give aways because they are unable to support themselves and they fear having to try.

Liberal men equals girly men.

The study showed no difference between conservative and liberal women. My study shows conservative women are smarter and better looking…

And libs, please don’t argue. As Al Gore would say, the science is settled…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Because Liberalism IS Weakness”

  1. Been that way for some years now.
    One of those things we simply know……………..who needs research anyway?

  2. Blake says:

    Liberals, progressives, asshats- “..a rose by any other name,…” would stink like the dead animal it is-

  3. Vxnschatzee says:

    This truly made me laugh because I was just saying to someone how it seems men are femming up way too much for me lately. I look at the guys on TV and popular in the media and think – damn, that looks almost like a chick. Not to mention the fact that I think I could take ’em, without my gun. LOL