Be Careful What You Ask For

I recently posted that the whole Harriet Miers fiasco could be a blessing for the President. Whether by design or blind luck, the failed nomination of Miers could put Bush in a very strong position. There is a post in the Washington Times entitled The Left Gets What It Asked For and it highlights the way the left is coming unhinged about the Alito nomination. Here is a snippet:

The curious Democratic reaction to the nomination of Harriet Miers is rendered transparent by the nomination of Judge Alito. The nice things Democratic senators said about her, which stank of mendacity to anyone trying to get a deep breath at the time, were calculated as harmless enough because the Democrats were confident the conservatives would force the president to withdraw a nominee no one wanted. They’re continuing to say harmless and insincere nice things about her to demonstrate what reasonable, mellow fellows they were.
The usual echoes in the media are contributing the bass (and base) notes to the angry chorus. John Roberts, the CBS correspondent who once imagined himself big enough to fill Dan Rather’s BVDs, couldn’t get his mind out of his pants yesterday and used a vulgar sexual allusion to demand of the president’s press spokesman whether the choice of Judge Alito was merely the president trying to find satisfaction with “sloppy seconds.” Ron Fournier rose to the defense of Miss Miers in an Associated Press dispatch, chiding Republicans for demanding that Judge Alito “get a vote in the Senate — something they denied [Miss] Miers.”

The article also points out that the Democratic President the left has to look up to is Geena Davis one hour a week. I mentioned before how that show was a three year weekly commercial for Hillary Clinton. Now all the moonbats are sitting around the boob tube (named for them) and praying they get her in 2008.

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