Barney Frank: Plenty Of Rich People We Can Tax

Barney Frank (who looks and sounds more like Barney Rubble), the Congressman who had a sexual relationship with one of the guys in charge of one of the GSEs (extreme conflict of interest) and who bears a great deal of responsibility for the financial woes of this country is out with his next great idea to fix the economy. Frank says it is time for the government to start spending money in order to get things moving and then he said we should not worry about the deficits which should be put on the back burner. Deficit spending is one of the major problems we have in this country. Barney Frank is a typical liberal who ignores his role in causing economic troubles and then decides the way to fix the problem is to spend even more money that we do not have.

Don’t worry though, he has a way to pay for that spending. Barney Frank said that down the road we need to increase taxes and that there are plenty of rich people we can tax to get some of the money back. A tax and spend liberal, as if that should be a surprise. It is amazing that he caused the problem and then he wants to add to it but will fix it by confiscating even more money from rich people.

Watch the jackass:

I have news for you folks, the rich pay most of the taxes in this country. The fact is, there are not enough rich people to pay the IOUs that Congress has written. There are far more people in the middle class and these are the people who will ultimately end up paying for this mess.

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4 Responses to “Barney Frank: Plenty Of Rich People We Can Tax”

  1. David Kirk says:

    The 2000 US Census shows about 210 million American adults. About 84 million of them do not pay taxes. Well over 50% of taxes are paid by about 10.5 million people. First of all, that should be criminal. Secondly, you are absolutely right. You can’t spend the way Obama, Pelosi and that idiot Barney Frank want to without increasing taxes on the middle class. There is just so much the “rich” can pay Barney. I’ve got a novel idea. Why don’t you Democrats stop pretending like that money is yours to play with and stop spending so much?

  2. Patsy says:

    That’s the whole problem, David. Democrats do believe that it’s their money and they are allowing us to earn it in their economy. No matter how much individuals achieve, no matter how hard they work, no matter the sacrifice — it is all because of the government. The government owns everything or should and they have the right to dole out all the money as they see fit. They don’t believe in freedom, they believe in government control.

    I like Big Dog’s idea, let’s just kick the crap out of these idiots. They’re a bunch of thieves stealing the American people blind.

  3. David Kirk says:

    Keep up the good work Big Dog. You are keeping me reasonably sane. Patsy I appreciate the bio on a previous blog. I certainly wish the best for you and your husband’s business. I agree with you. We simply have to fight to defeat this socialist for the country to stay afloat.
    If not, I predict the most serious internal issues this country has seen for a long time. If you want to e-mail just to talk, please do so at

  4. Patsy says:

    Thanks for the kind words, David. You know, those of us with a little experience in the business world, i.e., older than dirt, (smile), have been through radical control in Washington DC before. Jimmy Carter was a disaster for this country and we went through some serious financial pain and difficult economic times. He also inflicted massive damage to our national security. Hell, his bungling allowed the rise of Islamic fundamentalism when he abandoned the Shah of Iran and supported the Ayatollah Khomeini’s ascent as Iran’s leader. That jackass’ policies gave birth to radical Islamofascism and terrorism. A President Obama would simply reverse all the strides we’ve made in vanquishing this enemy of the free world. I hope and pray we don’t have to see that come to pass. What an enormous price we’ll all pay, what a horrendous lesson we’ll have to learn. God help us.