Barbara Streisand Sets the Record Straight

Recently, there were stories about Barbara Streisand’s health. It was believed that she had to undergo surgery for a possible cancerous colon. She was asked about that and her answer was that she recommends everyone get a colonoscopy. She said it turns out she had a benign polyp. She said the problem is that in her line of work everyone is in “your business.”

I don’t see why that should bother her. She does not hesitate to get in the business of the country. I’m not talking about normal political activism. I mean she gets right into the Kool-aid. Babs does not have any problems opening her mouth and getting in the President’s business. She is mean spirited and, like fellow idiots Eminem, Cher, and Chevy Chase, she does not let her dislike of the President go unnoticed. I have no interest in her colon polyps. I would be happy if they did not report that kind of stuff, especially about has-been actresses. Someone should make a deal with her. The press can stop reporting on her rectal maladies and she can stop misinforming the country about our political leaders.

I guess it is fitting in a way. Babs had people talking about her polyp. How fitting for a person who has been a polyp on the colon of America for quite some time (read that as pain in the a**).

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One Response to “Barbara Streisand Sets the Record Straight”

  1. Paula Arellano says:

    I am from Denver Colorado – Babs not all people still love to hear or see you. I used to follow everything you did – watched (and own) all your movies – but when you voiced your opinion about colorado – you cut your own neck, and i threw your movies away.