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I wrote a letter to Senator Boxer expressing my concerns about the way she questioned Condoleezza Rice with regard to not having children. To her credit, Boxer sent me an email response. In it she makes the same statement that she has made to the press about the issue. She explained to me that she was trying to make a pint about whom the war affects. I understood quite well what her intent was when she made the statement, but I appreciate her response. I still feel that it was unnecessary and that it was a knock on women who choose not to have children. Like I said before, the war will not affect either woman for the reasons Boxer stated but then again it will not affect anyone who chooses not to join the service. It will not affect any member of Congress because they are all too old to serve (unless they are already a reservist).

Let me say this Ms. Boxer. Please leave the members of the military alone and let them do their jobs. As Liz Cheney pointed out in today’s Washington Post, you are making a mistake in interpreting the results of the last election. She indicates that the American people said they wanted change in the direction of the war but they did not say they they wanted to lose or that they wanted to fight the war here. Americans want to win and cutting and running is not winning, regardless of what name you call it. Our men and women in uniform volunteered for service and they are reenlisting to continue to serve. They understand the mission and they do not want politicians trying to undermine them as happened in Vietnam. Mark my words Ms. Boxer, and you can pass this on, if you hand victory to the enemy and bring our troops home in shame you will likely never get another group of people willing to fight any future battles. Think about how it will feel when a really bad thing happens and no one answers the call to arms. If you and your colleagues allow this to happen I will strongly encourage the thousands of military members I know to end their service when their time is up and I will tell the prospective recruits with whom i speak to consider another profession because our elected leaders do not have the guts to stay in a battle for the long haul and they will make you sacrifice and bring you home in defeat. I am a strong supporter of the military and have a great deal of time in service. I think that it is a great place to learn skills, discipline and patriotism but in order to gain the trust of the military the leaders must be trusted. If you cause our defeat you will never be trusted again. Look how long it took to rebuild our military after the Congress allowed us to be disgraced in Vietnam. The failed rescue attempt in Iraq during the hostage crisis was a direct result of low morale and poor training as a result of the backlash of Vietnam.

The world situation will get worse before it gets better and if we do not have a good military we will be screwed. The leaders might think they can start the draft if such a situation develops but that just might result in civil disobedience the likes this country has never seen. How dare our so called leaders draft people to fight when they would not let them fight when they were perfectly willing. I pray for this country because our Congress lacks leaders in either party and they spend more time worrying about how to be reelected than they do winning. If they worked as hard to win the war as they do to win reelection we would be done by now.

This item at the end of the email got my attention:

Since American forces went into Iraq in March 2003, more than 3,000 of our troops have been killed and over 20,000 more have been wounded. Yet we are nowhere near a solution to the grave crisis in Iraq – and the price goes higher and higher.

Again, thank you for writing to me. Please do not hesitate to contact me about this or any other issue of concern to you, and please know that I will continue to speak out as clearly as I can against this escalation.

The death of any service member is tragic and the horrors of war are things that no one should have to live with. The reality is that wars are sometimes necessary. Ms. Boxer, we lost this many people on Normandy Beach during the D Day invasion. What would our history be like today if you and this Congress had been in charge? Would you have called for the “redeployment” of our troops and allow the Germans to win? Would you have felt comfortable knowing that by cutting and running you allowed millions more Jews to be slaughtered? How would you feel knowing that all of Europe was taken over by German and its allies? What kind of world would we be living in today if people such as you and your colleagues had been taking the decisions at that crucial time in our history? Lastly, How would you feel knowing that it was only a matter of time before the newly formed German Empire assaulted the United States in its quest for World domination?

These are real questions and they apply just as much today. Radical Islam is hell bent on killing or converting the World to their twisted religion and imposing Sharia Law. You Ms. Boxer will not hold a position of power in such a state. You will be relegated to second class citizen, worth only half a man and you will be beaten for failure to comply. This might sound like an alarmist position but keep in mind what has taken place in places like France, the UK, and Somalia. Listen to what our enemy says and pay attention. We need to fight and win the war over there to keep them from coming here. If we allow them to get here and bring the fight to us it will be a little too late to point fingers (though Boxer and the Democrats will blame George Bush).

In the movie The Karate Kid Pat Morita’s character said “fighting not good, but if must fight, win.” We need to keep that in mind. We can win by allowing our soldiers to see some unity at home and seeing their so-called leaders stand behind them in this battle. To do anything less is disgraceful and traitorous. If Congress allows us to be attacked again because they decided that they did not have the testicular fortitude to fight AND win then we will need to try them for treason and execute any who are found guilty. Think Hussein video.

Senator Boxer made it clear that she will continue to speak out against sending more troops. Perhaps next time Boxer gets a chance to email me she can explain why so many Democrats were calling on the President to send more troops a few years ago but now they think it is a bad idea. Boxer supported John Kerry for President and when he was running in 2004 he called for 40,000 additional troops in Iraq. Why is it she does not support the man who is President when he wants to put more troops there? Could it be partisan politics and placing the desire to win above national security and our troops’ safety?

Our military is full of the best and brightest and if the members of Congress would actually listen to them instead of pretending to know everything they would see a group of people who want to come home, but not until they finish their mission. The death of an American soldier is a tragic thing but the death that soldier suffers when his leaders betray him by raising a white flag is the most painful, vile death that can be imagined. Soldiers who fight for their country and die in battle have died an honorable death. The death by a thousand cuts inflicted by the cut and run policies of inept, self centered leaders is the most despicable, dishonorable way any human being can die.

Shame on Congress if they allow it to happen.

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