Barack Obama Is Lazy

Notice to the race baiters, I did not say he is shiftless which would indicate that in addition to being lazy he is indolent and lacks ambition. No one gets to be president without ambition particularly those with such a thin resume as Obama. He has a lot of ambition and it is directed toward changing this country into a socialist nation.

Sean Hannity interviewed Sarah Palin (the woman the liberals waged a war on but who was right in all of her predictions about Obama) and he asked her why Obama did not hold people accountable. Palin responded that Obama, by his own admission, was lazy and that it takes a lot of effort to hold people accountable.

Well, a couple of reasons. One is, when you hold someone accountable, it takes some energy and resource and Barack Obama is lazy. In fact, he warned us that he was lazy and attributed that to having been brought up in Hawaii. It’s his words, not mine! And another thing is that Barack Obama still doesn’t see what the main problem is.

The main problem is government. It’s not the solution like Ronald Reagan said. It is the problem. He doesn’t recognize that. So he will continue to do what he’s doing, the status quo is fine with him. He’s not called out as often as he should be, because the media, the referee in this, again ‘game of politics’ isn’t doing its job and holding him accountable. TPNN

I do not disagree with Palin’s assessment that Obama is lazy. He told us he was and she is right, it takes energy to do a tough job.

But, Obama is also a political machine and he knows that if he starts holding people accountable for what they have done the house of cards will begin to fall. The public will see (more clearly) that often the things in question lead back to Obama.

He was directly involved in Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservatives and the decisions that led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi among many other things.

As for the problems at the VA (the topic of the Hannity interview), Obama is not responsible for those problems. They were happening long before he took office but he is responsible for the problems continuing. He made it a point to blame George Bush for the VA issues when he was a candidate and he said he would fix them. He was informed of the problems in detail when he was transitioning into the White House and he claimed that veterans were a priority.

He did nothing to stop the problems and now the pot that was simmering is boiling over and it is his fault. He did not address the issues and he did not fix the things like he promised he would.

Perhaps he did not fix them, in part, because he is lazy but it is also true he (like many progressives) does not care for the military.

Obama is busy pushing for health care to every person in this nation whether they are here legally or not and he wants everyone under the thumb of the government. While he is running around saying how much everyone deserves and has a right to health care (we do have a right to access but not to have it paid for) he is neglecting the very people who have a right to it because they earned it with their blood.

The offshoot of this is that the VA scandal is demonstrating what single payer, government provided health care becomes. It starts out big and expensive and morphs into an unaccountable monster that is concerned with costs and bonuses at the expense of those it is supposed to serve.

Right now veterans are dying because the government run health care system is murdering them.

The general public will be next when Obamacare is in full bloom.

Get rid of Obamacare and privatize the VA system so that we will be free and veterans will get the care they not only deserve but that they earned.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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