Barack Obama Hates Black People

There is a terrible hurricane beating the hell out of New Orleans while Barack Obama is out holding campaign events. His FEMA is not on the ground and they are not in route. People are stranded and are being rescued by local responders in boats as 18 or more inches of rain causes flooding in the streets. Nearly 650,000 people are without power and Barack Obama has yet to go down there and turn the power back on.

Silly, you say? Definitely but isn’t this the kind of stuff we heard about Bush when Katrina hit seven years ago to the day?

George Bush was not doing anything. He hated black people. He was allowing them to die. FEMA was not on the ground and on and on.

The topper was that Bush caused the storm and blew up the levees to flood the place. Yes, some of the loony liberals actually said this.

Maybe we should blame Obama for bringing this hurricane to the mainland. We all know he did it to disrupt the Republican Convention. /sarc

The truth of the matter is that a hurricane is making its way across that region and there is not a lot anyone, even the great and powerful Ozbama, can do about it. If the people there were not prepared prior to landfall then they are going to be riding out a storm and getting help when it is able to arrive. The same doctrine that was in place during Katrina is in place now and that is the 72 hour YOYO. In other words, you’re on your own for about 72 hours while emergency responders and people from other agencies make their way in. They will arrive when it is possible AND SAFE to do so.

From all reports it looks like the folks in that region of Louisiana are better prepared than they were when Katrina hit. A Republican governor is in place and things are running smoother.

It is fairly ironic that a storm like this is hitting the same region that left an undeserved mark on George Bush (while leaving local Democrats unscathed). It is happening during Obama’s reign and while the place is being flooded he is out raising money for his reelection campaign.

I wonder how many of the Democrat media will take him to task for this…

I hope and pray the folks in that region are OK and that the storm does not cause the disruption that Katrina did.

I know that no matter what happens the media will make it appear as if Obama walked across the water to save those poor folks (though he would really only go there for campaign donations or to get a prime tee time). It just might be possible that this entire mess will give Obama the same opportunity Bush had.

The opportunity to get blasted for things that are not in his lane of responsibility (state issue), the opportunity to get blamed for any federal response that is deemed too slow regardless of the actual response and the opportunity to get painted with a broad brush that does not accurately reflect the situation.

I know I blame him for it all as a matter of fair play (Obama always wants a level playing field and equal outcomes). George Bush was accused of hating black people because of Katrina. I guess Isaac will prove the same about Obama.

You know what they say about karma…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Barack Obama Hates Black People”

  1. Blake says:

    He may hate Black People, but he sure does love him some slow- smoked Pit Bull, the dog of choice, apparently of Michael Vick and other afficianados of dog meat, as endorsed by Barak Obama, in his book “Dreams (and recipes) of My Father”.
    Seriously- there was less coverage of the Hurricane this time around ( and hardly a whisper of Obie’s campaign stops during this tragedy) than there should have been, but then all the media (with a few exceptions) had their presidential kneepads and blue dresses on, just for the lil man.