Baltimore Sun Editorial Full Of Fallacies

A Baltimore Sun editorial addressing the ongoing gun grab in the People’s Republik of Maryland is interesting in that it is full of fallacies about what gun control can do. It is no secret that the Sun is a propaganda publication for the Democrat Party in Maryland. Most of the Sun staff is privately paid stenographers for the Democrats. But the naive discussion presented in the editorial is beyond ridiculous. Of course, thinking people do not believe most of what is in the Sun (the Sports page is the exception) but then again, the Sun is aimed at low information voters who continue to vote for stupidity and loss of freedom.

The Sun editorial starts out right out of the box by claiming; “…the effort in Congress to enact any meaningful legislation to address gun violence appears increasingly at risk.”

The statement that Congress doing anything is at risk is true but the fallacy is anything meaningful. What legislation could be passed that would have stopped the shootings at Newtown? I will point out later why nothing will.

The reality is that we have thousands of gun laws on the books. We do not enforce them and liberals turn a blind eye to the reality that the gun is not the problem, the criminal is. The Sun plays into this myth that gun laws (“meaningful” or otherwise) do nothing to stop criminals.

How would any new gun law stop people from getting guns when most crimes committed with guns are committed by people who are not allowed to have them?

Our government illegally provided thousands of guns to criminals in Mexico.

The Sun is hedging its bets that the Democrat controlled legislature in Maryland and the Communist governor will pass meaningful gun control to stop the violence like the violence that happened in Newtown.

Keep in mind that the shooter was not allowed to have guns, none of the guns were owned by him, he murdered his mother and stole her guns and then he took them to a gun free zone known as a school and used them to murder people which, wait for it, is against the law (which I assume the Sun staff knows).

The shooter broke many laws to murder so what would stop him from breaking some new gun law? The answer to this question escapes the Sun writers. It also escapes them that it is against the law to murder people and yet, murders occur. And they occur with more than just firearms.

The Sun continues by telling us about a provision that would require people who purchase a handgun to register with the police and submit fingerprints. The Sun naively believes that this will end straw purchases. I can only surmise that the Sun thinks that this will keep criminals from getting guns because criminals will not register and submit fingerprints so they won’t buy guns. The first issue is that a straw purchase involves someone who is legally allowed to buy a gun doing so and then selling it to a person who is not. This is already illegal so what would stop a person who is allowed to buy a gun from submitting to the requirements and then selling the gun. It is obvious that criminals do not obey the law so it is unlikely this will stop the problem.

The only thing it will do is create a database of people with guns for later confiscation.

The Sun is also deluded in its thinking with regard to registration. The Sun likes the idea because it erroneously concludes that this requirement will make it harder for criminals to get guns. Criminals do not obtain guns legally and they do not register the guns they have.

It is tough to believe that there are actually people who think that some requirement will force criminals to comply.

It is illegal to buy, sell or use heroin but people do all the time. Do the laws against this prevent people from breaking those laws? Certainly not! Criminals do not obey the law.

How many of the people on the Sun staff have ever gotten a speeding or parking ticket? Did the laws against speeding or parking illegally prevent them from doing so?

The crimes committed in this country with guns will not be solved by any laws because we already have plenty of laws against using guns illegally and people still break the law. I know I harp on that but the writers at the Sun are fairly dense so repetition is important.

And to get back to another point, it is against the law to murder people. That has not stopped people from murdering.

One last point. If the writers at the Sun think these laws will stop the criminals and make it harder to get guns then perhaps they should look at the early part of last century and the subject of prohibition.

People were able to obtain alcohol during prohibition just as criminals today will get guns no matter how tightly they are controlled or how restrictive the laws are.

The Sun concludes by pointing out that passage of a meaningful gun law in Maryland is deserved because it will make us safer.

Newtown has tough restrictions on guns. How did that work out?

But, but, all you have to do is call 911 and they will send a guy with a gun.

In Newtown the police were called within one minute of the first shot fired through the glass. All the victims were murdered within five minutes. The police arrived after everyone, including the shooter, was dead.

Any person at the school who was allowed to carry a gun would have had a better chance of stopping the shooter than the act of calling 911.

In the past only law abiding people followed the laws and criminals were unaffected. Any new gun laws will only affect those inclined to follow them.

The reality though, is that many people have already stated that they will not comply with any new gun laws in Maryland.

The state will make law abiding people criminals who will eventually vote with their feet. The right to own a firearm is protected by the Constitution and the reason is to prevent the kind of tyranny the Maryland governor and his sock puppets are imposing.

It is to prevent the kind of tyranny the Sun endorses.

For allegedly educated people the Sun staff seems to have trouble with the concept that criminals do not obey the law and the definition of the word infringe…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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2 Responses to “Baltimore Sun Editorial Full Of Fallacies”

  1. Blake says:

    BD, I keep telling you- Come to Texas.
    Here, if anyone tried to confiscate someone’s firearms, it would be like kicking over an anthill- neighbors WILL come to another neighbor’s aid with their own guns, because they know that if it can happen to one, it can happen to all.

  2. pa says:

    “The shooter broke many laws to murder so what would stop him from breaking some new gun law? The answer to this question escapes the Sun writers.”

    The question itself escapes the Sun writers. The progressive left is simply incapable of thinking rationally, so much so that it cannot even identify Item 1 in a logical discussion.