Baltimore County Police Seeking Help

The Baltimore County police department is investigating the murder of a 24 year old woman who had her throat slit as she stood in line at a county liquor store. Aysha Ring was standing in line at Charing Cross Liquors when a man walked up behind her and slit her throat. She died at Maryland’s Shock Trauma.

The suspect is described as a black man about 20 or 30 years old, weighing 230 pounds and standing about 6′ 1″. The police have indicated that some people who were at the store left before law enforcement arrived. They are asking for anyone who was there to contact them so they can get any information that might help solve this terrible crime.

The police are looking over video from the store surveillance and hope to release stills soon. If they release them I will try to put them up so that people in the area can be on the look out for this murderer.

What kind of person does this?


Big Dog

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One Response to “Baltimore County Police Seeking Help”

  1. Duvel says:

    What kind of person does this? A black one, male about 20 to 30 YO and 6′-1″ weighing 230 pounds. Goes to liquor stores, cuts women’s throats. You know the type. Sounds like O.J.don’t it? But that is racist, ain’t it?

    However, some shoes just seem to…fit!