Baltimore City Alone Should Pay For This

Baltimore City is a liberal haven and has been run by those very liberals for generations. The result is an uneducated population that lives off taxpayers. The city is in decline and has been for decades as liberal leaders continue to push policies that enslave people to government. The goal of decades of neglect is to enslave people to the liberal plantation and ensure those downtrodden people continue to vote Democrat.

You might have heard that recently the city suffered a lot of damage because of riots. A bunch of thugs rioted and destroyed property. The cost is placed at $20 MILLION.

The cost includes overtime for police and firefighters as well as money owed to jurisdictions that came to help the city. It also includes the cost of damage to city owned property. It appears as if this dollar figure does not include the damage to private property which is in the tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

The expenses the city owes will go before the board of estimates today so they can approve the money to pay the bills.

Where will the money come from? It is highly unlikely that any of the people who destroyed so much are taxpayers so it will not come out of their pockets. It is unlikely that the rioters have anything of value that can be confiscated to pay for their destruction. The reality is this money will have to come from the taxpayer or by cutting from other budgeted items or from a combination of the two.

This money MUST not come from the taxpayers in the state that do NOT live in Baltimore. I know Baltimore will appeal with hat in hand asking for money from the state to pay for this but it is not the responsibility of the taxpayers outside of the city to pay for this mess.

I recommend budget cuts to the City Attorney’s office and I recommend that the welfare money be redirected to pay for the damage.

Make the people who did this suffer for it.

Hell, maybe they can do what they did to fund the stadiums and make a few scratch lottery games to pay for it. At least people could decide to participate, or not and they would have a chance of winning some money.

I imagine the city will raise parking fees for stadium events and other events that take place in the city. It will probably tack on some kind of tax to event tickets and to hotel rooms and parking garages in order to pay for the mess that took place because the city has leaders who allowed the destruction to happen.

Liberalism exists to allow things to happen so long as someone else pays the bill.

If the people of Maryland who do not live in Baltimore get socked with this bill they should show up in the city with bulldozers and level the place and then stake a claim to the property they bought.

Screw Baltimore and screw the politicians there who have allowed a once great city to become a skeletal ruin of decaying structures and dependent people who have no respect or life or property.

Let them all suffer.

As an aside, they all wanted the police out of their lives. Now that the police are not, shall we say, being aggressive in their duties the city is rapidly falling [farther] into anarchy with multiple shootings and murders.

You got what you wanted now shut up and enjoy it.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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6 Responses to “Baltimore City Alone Should Pay For This”

  1. Barbara says:

    I Could not have put it any better. I say Amen. Hope all Police there resign ,take their families and leave. There are plenty jobs for them elsewhere, go South, where Law Enforcement is more appreciated. Merchants there need to close, take there business elsewhere. New Caney Texas area is expanding, new businesses popping up, there is a theme Park under construction right now, going to employ a whole lot of people. This is Montgomery County Texas, taxes are lower too. We appreciate capitalism. Bring it, your welcome. Leave and let Baltimore rot in its on hell that the Mayor and City Attorney has created. One great asset would be for Bigdog to move here too.

  2. sgtmac says:

    Well said not much more I can add. Another liberal city comes to a sudden crash. Next up, Chicago.

    • Big Dog says:

      For some reason your comments are being moderated. Might be the ISP or some other reason. If you comment and it does not show or says it is moderated I will approve as soon as I see it.

      • sgtmac says:

        Well said not much more I can add. Another liberal city comes to a sudden crash. Next up, Chicago.sounds good

  3. Blake says:

    Hey Barbara- I am from Montgomery County Texas also- BD, she is right- there is much to recommend this place here. When you can, do- you won’t regret it.
    Hey- we do not get snowed on here, just a little annoying hurricane now and then, but what’s a little wind?