Bald Faced Liars

Yep, that’s the Resident and his little posse of second- rate hucksters that trail behind him, begging for scraps- all liars. How can they even talk with each other? Would you trust anyone who has lied as much as this administration? God knows I do not.

The Resident has lied about 1)- the “stimulus”, 2)- THE “TARP”, 3)-Cap & Tax,  4)-the deficit, 5)- healthcare, and 6)- now, the CIA “investigation”, in which he claimed to want to look ahead.

His lackey, Eric Holder, the attorney general, apparently has gone off of the plantation in his investigation of the CIA. This will have a chilling effect on our ability to gather intelligence, but it seems as if Holder doesn’t know what intelligence is, because he surely isn’t displaying any.

The Justice Department released a long-secret report Monday chronicling abuses inside the Central Intelligence Agency’s overseas prisons, showing how interrogators choked a prisoner repeatedly and threatened to kill another detainee’s children.

In response to the findings, Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr. chose John H. Durham, a veteran prosecutor from Connecticut who has been investigating the C.I.A.’s destruction of interrogation videotapes, to determine whether a full criminal investigation of the conduct of agency employees or contractors was warranted. The review will be the most politically explosive inquiry since Mr. Holder took over the Justice Department in February.

Why would ANY real American go this route? Why destroy the intel capacity of the CIA at a time that we need to have ALL the facilities at peak performance? All because a couple of Al-Qaida scumbags got wet? Personally, I do not care how wet they got- indeed, I don’t care if they had their skin flayed off in long, slow strips- just so we got the intel.

The CIA knows how to get intel without flaying the skin off of these pigs, but now, even a little water is too much for the pantywaists at the Justice department. It is either that, or they are flat out traitors intentionally sabotaging our intelligence capacity- I know which choice I think these people are.

The attorney general said his decision to order an inquiry was based in part on the recommendation of the Justice Department’s ethics office, which called for a new review of several interrogation cases.

In what appeared to be a response to the Justice Department’s release, the C.I.A. later on Monday released previously secret agency reports from 2004 and 2005 that detailed intelligence scoops produced by the interrogation program.

One of the reports calls the program “a crucial pillar of U.S. counterterrorism efforts” and describes how interrogations helped unravel a network headed by an Indonesian terrorist known as Hambali. The other report details information elicited from Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, chief planner of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, saying it “dramatically expanded our universe of knowledge on Al Qaeda’s plots.”

Those reports, which former Vice President Dick Cheney had sought to have released earlier this year, do not refer to any specific interrogation methods and do not assess their effectiveness.

It is not the job of the CIA to be gentle- it is the job of the CIA to obtain information, and there are times where more coercive techniques need to be used. These are also, I might remind people, enemies that cut off our soldier’s heads after our soldiers have been captured. If we make them a little moist in our quest for info, that should not concern any American who cares for our citizens and soldiers. 

If you have no problem with our soldiers heads being cut off, perhaps you need to be waterboarded too, because no self- respecting American allows that without some reprisal.

As we can now see, Eric Holder is no self- respecting American, but a traitor bent on destroying the CIA and its intelligence capacity. He is not alone in this, however, since the Resident could tell Holder to cease, as he says he wanted to. The fact that he does not only reveals him to be Pontius Pilate in a suit, washing his hands while Holder crucifies the CIA.

In another session of questioning, the report said, one C.I.A. interrogator told investigators that Mr. Mohammed was told that if there was another attack on American soil, the C.I.A. would “kill your children.” Mr. Mohammed’s young sons were in the custody of Pakistani and American authorities at the time.

Among a litany of C.I.A. tactics, the report describes the “hard takedown,” when a detainee was grabbed and thrown to the floor before being moved to a sleep-deprivation cell. It details baths given to Mr. Nashiri, saying he was sometimes scrubbed with “the kind of brush one uses in a bath to remove stubborn dirt” to induce pain. In July 2002, the report says, a C.I.A. interrogator grabbed a detainee’s neck to restrict the prisoner’s carotid artery until he began to faint. Another officer then “shook the detainee to wake him,” and the “pressure point” technique was repeated twice more.

Interrogators also staged a mock execution in 2002 to intimidate a detainee. C.I.A. officers began screaming outside the room where he was being interrogated. When leaving the room, he “passed a guard who was dressed as a hooded detainee, lying motionless on the ground, and made to appear as if he had been shot to death.”

In 2003, C.I.A. officers began using another technique — called “water dousing” — that involved laying a detainee on a plastic sheet and pouring water over him for 10 to 15 minutes.

According to the report, an interrogator believed this was an effective technique, and sent a cable back to C.I.A. headquarters requesting guidelines.

A return cable explained that a detainee “must be placed on a towel or sheet, may not be placed naked on the bare cement floor, and the air temperature must exceed 65 degrees if the detainee will not be dried immediately.”

Now, in all of these techniques, not one of them involved separation of one’s head from one’s body– it is not the job of the CIA to be gentle, and I do not want to place undue restrictions on them. Would I like to endure this treatment? Oh hell no- but then, I am not the one who is trying to wage terrorism against soldiers of the United States, or wanting to commit terror attacks in the US against innocent men, women, and children. These people do, and they should not be treated gently- they should be ground down until we have gotten every bit of information we can, and they are nothing but empty, blubbering husks of flesh that we can safely discard.

Then we can take them back to their country of origin and dump them into the kind and gentle hands of others who might like to speak with them also.

Now that is justice.

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16 Responses to “Bald Faced Liars”

  1. Adam says:

    I’d love to see you outline lies 1 through 5.

  2. Barbara says:

    You know, Adam, I want to see what your response will be after we are attacked, and we will be.

    • Adam says:

      Oh, that was Barbara. I thought it was blake or I would have ignored it completely. But once again Barbara shows why I try my best to ignore her. Out of the blue she comes at me with that kind of garbage that you just can’t argue with.

  3. Adam says:

    Personally I love how you refer to the Attorney General of the United States as Obama’s lackey. You’re too funny sometimes.

    So, members of the CIA clearly broke the law while deviating from legal interrogation methods which at least once lead to the murder of a detainee by interrogators. Now we have even more evidence of it.

    But what are you more mad at exactly?

  4. Blake says:

    Yes, Hussein may NOT be in charge- it is hard to know sometimes.
    As to the CIA, I don’t care how they get their info, I am sorry they hurt liberal feelings, but they are trying to save a country here, so sometimes they need to do what would not be done in polite society- who cares- not me, if they want to take long strips of skin off of KSM a little at a time im cool with it. I do not see where anyone dies- but that is of very little consequence to me, if true.
    It is not clear what, if any laws they broke, but I absolve them.

    • Adam says:

      You need to read the report you’re talking about…what can be read anyway. I tried getting through most of it last night but it’s long and very, very heavily redacted.

      The report is in general positive of the program but it doesn’t deny that things went wrong. You’ll find on page 108 in the conclusion starting with section 258 where it details that unlawful techniques were used and that at least one person died because of it. This is particularly true it seems early on in the program when they were so caught up in preventing terrorism that they were not working with established guidelines or oversight, exactly the kind of thing we don’t want happening.

      Folks can take issue with the legality of the EIT but this report clearly shows the CIA strayed even from the stretched legal boundaries of the EIT clearly violating US laws governing human rights.

      So frankly, what you’re cool with is irrelevant since even CIA is still under US law and the CIA is not denying that things went down in such a way as to cause the agency to face “potentially serious long-term political and legal challenges …”

      • Blake says:

        Yes, but there are several problems here- one of which is we keep on giving these animal “rights” that should be reserved for civilized people- and they definitely are NOT that.
        On another aspect of this, you have Hussein speaking one way, and Holder speaking another, and they are attempting to use this as a way of “looking back” at the Bush admin. , when the problem is the way the Hussein admin is not handling the economy.
        They are using this as a distraction from what is going on, and I refuse to bite- The CIA can, as I have said, strip skin from their bodies as far as I am concerned.
        I do not care. These are people who cut off our soldier’s heads. Whatever they get in return is not enough.
        They should thank God I am not in charge, or there wold be some real hot batteries around.

  5. Adam says:

    It still doesn’t matter what concerns you. You could strip skin and electrocute all you want and we’d get a nice little prison cell for you to live in afterward. You see, we are still bound by the rule of law and the treaties we have signed on human rights.

    I think you don’t have much ground to argue this is a distraction from the way Obama is handling the economy. Obama has plenty to tout on the economic front, he’s not hiding from anything. It’s well noted at this point that the deficits will be record and the unemployment higher than expected yet the economy is still rebounding nicely and moving to recovery. What is there that Obama needs to distract from?

    You never did go into detail how Obama lied so many times.

    • Blake says:

      Point me to ONE treaty we signed with Al- Qaida or the Taliban? Show me anywhere where these wastes of space are even ANY part of a legit government entity. Treaties are made between legit governments, not scumbags like these.
      And Hussein needs the distraction so he can shove this unconstitutional health bill down everyones throat.
      And yes, both dog and I have listed all the lies Hussein has said, but you do not acknowledge them, so why should I waste my toime going over them? Just look in our archives, if you want to be reminded of his lies or your refusal to accept them as lies.

      • Adam says:

        Unfortunately for your argument the other side not being party to our laws or our treaties does not excuse the breaking of said laws.

        • Big Dog says:

          That would assume a law is being broken. If we have no treaty with them then we cannot violate the treaty. These people are not representing a state so it is hard to classify them. I think if we capture them they should receive basic human rights. That does not mean that we cannot interrogate them IAW the laws that Congress wrote. If Congress does not like it tell them to define torture and list paractices that are not acceptable.

          Having said that I think we should avoid capturing them. KILL them on the battlefield and we do not have to worry about them.

    • Big Dog says:

      I would like to know what drugs you are taking to think the economy is rebounding “nicely.” There is a little rebound and there will be some growth but the green shoots are full of weeds.

      A double dip recession will hit next year coupled with massive inflation.

      • Adam says:

        There is a greater than usual chance for both those things but your insistence that they will happen is pretty unsubstantiated at this point and clearly not worth suggesting I’m on drugs just because I’m not trying as hard as you are to ignore all the positive indicators about the economy.

        • Blake says:

          The second dip will happen because what is causing these false positive indicators is incentives, and you cannot sustain viability with taxpayer- provided incentives, such as cash for clunkers, or the first time home buyers credit. At some point the buying WILL stop, and the dip will begin, because all this “positive effect” was artificial in the first place.
          We should have let this recession go the normal course, and we would be coming out of this naturally.
          But this is also exacerbated by the fact that we have very little true manufacturing left in this country, and that is the true base of any economy.