Bad News On Hold Until After The Election

Obamacare is wonderful and it will cut your costs while allowing you to keep your plans and doctors.

That claim is the millstone hung around the necks of Democrats who rammed the albatross down our throats. They are being reminded of what they said, what they did and the actual outcome. Many of those Democrats are running away from Obama and their support of Obamacare.

The law is a bad one and it hurts people and our economy. The thing is so disliked that Obama had to grant waivers to his supporters so they would not suffer like everyone else. Obama illegally delayed portions of the law until after the November midterm elections in order to give his sock puppets a chance to win.

The premiums for next year are in and they are UP. Some states will see double digit increases which means a lot more money will come out of the pockets of those forced to buy insurance.

The premium amounts are only speculation at this time because Obama is withholding that information until after the midterm election. Those in the know claim there are rate hikes everywhere and they will be big in a number of places. Obama knows they are up and bad or he would release them NOW. If they were good (a modest increase) or better yet lower he would be screaming from the rooftops about how his grand scheme worked.

The fact that the numbers are being delayed means they are bad, really bad. They are so bad the Democrats are worried that releasing them prior to the election would sink the chances of many Democrats seeking reelection.

The self proclaimed most transparent administration in history is as clear as mud. The numbers, like all bad news, are being hidden. In this case the bad news is being hidden in order to influence the election.

Obamacare is bad. It should never have passed and it was passed ONLY by Democrats.

Do us all a favor and remove them from office.

Make them pay for making us pay…

The Washington Times

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Bad News On Hold Until After The Election”

  1. Blake says:

    Yeah, now, even Walmart has to pass on insurance for part-time employees, and this hurts many who were going to go to part-time and use their SS payments to fill in the rest. Now they can’t, all because of Mammycare.
    Whatever happened to just making an appt. with a Doctor that had been highly recommended, seeing him, and then paying a reasonable amount for your care?
    The peo[ple who thought up Mammycare should be shot in both knees and then denied care, as stupidity is a pre-existing condition that is terminal.