Back In The USA!

As Surfside told you, I have been at a convention. I was in Scotland for the Chemical Weapon Demilitarization Conference. For those of you at Lost Adam, yes I really do work in that field so when I post at your site, I am speaking from an informed position.

I am trying to get things back to normal here after the terrible times I had at the Paris airport. I will post on the trip and the flights later. I will say this about Charles De Gaulle airport, in keeping with Surfside’s Poe theme, (to paraphrase) and the Big Dog said NEVER MORE! I will not fly through there ever again. It is screwed up and must have been designed after happy hour because it is harder to figure out than Rubik’s cube.

In the last two weeks I have been to two conferences. One in San Antonio Texas and one in Edinburgh Scotland. Both places were great to visit but once again Delta airlines demonstrated its desire to lose more customers and actually go bankrupt. I will post on the wonderful Delta experiences so Travis and Jogging Blogger can enjoy a few more flashbacks of their nightmare Delta flights.

I hope to post on the Delta experience, the mess known as Charles De Gaulle, the wonderful people in Scotland, and the political atmosphere in the United Kingdom. They are in the middle of their election season and PM Blair has a few challengers. I brought home a few papers and will try to translate them (they are written in some kind of English) and post on what they are going through. I did notice this, none of the candidates has been to Vietnam (or if they have they did not mention it).

It is great to be back in the greatest country in the world!

A special thanks to Surfside who posted everyday and kept things running here. Perhaps I will get together with her and we can continue this Poe thing with a little game called “Tell Tale Heart”.

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