Back in Business

It would appear that I am back on line after spending most of the day converting from Blogger to WordPress. I Had some problems importing my archives so if anyone has done this with success I would appreciate any help.
I have been going back and forth with the folks at Lost Adam. We have differing viewpoints about what is good for America. I think that he and some of the people posting there have had their brains turned to juice by the college system. I hope to blog about this and more later today. I would also like to address something President Bush did during the election season that was designed to keep embarrassment from certian politicians during the election process.

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One Response to “Back in Business”

  1. Lori says:

    College doesn’t turn everyone’s brain to juice. Many of us are made of stronger metal to withstand the onslaught of flaming left-wing, ultraliberal college professors.