Babs Streisand State Of Emergency

Barbra Streisand has declared a Global Warming Emergency. She is using the theory of global warming as fact and blaming the recent hurricanes on this theory. This pseudo-scientist should stick to singing and leave the real job to people who know what they are doing. I have another theory, but before I tell it, here is the Streisand article from Drudge:

NEW YORK — This summer’s back to back superstorms are proof positive we have entered a new period of “global warming emergency,” artist/citizen Barbra Streisand warns.

Streisand is back on the scene to promote her reunion disc with Barry Gibb.

As hellstorm “Rita” churned in the Gulf, Streisand sat down for a promotional interview with ABCNEWS’s Diane Sawyer.

“We are in a global warming emergency state, and these storms are going to become more frequent, more intense,” Streisand urgently declares.

But Sawyer did not remind Streisand that a Category 5 hurricane struck the Bahamas with 160 mph winds — when the singer was five years old, in 1947!

And when Streisand was 8 years old, a Cat 5 hurricane — named “Dog” — packing 185 mph churned-away in the Atlantic.

When she was 9, a Cat 5 storm named “Easy” ripped the seas with 160 mph sustained winds.

Streisand was 13 years old when “Janet” hit Mexico with 150 mph winds.

Streisand was celebrating her sweet sixteen as “Cleo” formed with 140 mph.

At 18, Streisand read news about “Donna” AND “Ethel” — both storms carried 140 mph winds and formed 9 days apart in 1960!

One year later, when Streisand was 19, it happened again: Two Category 5 storms scared the world: “Carla” and “Hattie!”

“Carla” maxed out at 175 mph winds the year Streisand made her television debut on “The Jack Paar Show.”

And who could forget Hurricane “Camille” — which smashed into the United States with 190 mph, just as “Funny Girl” garners eight Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Picture and one for Barbra as Best Actress.

Up next on the weather warning watch, Streisand says to ABC: “There could be more droughts, dust bowls. You know, it’s amazing to hear these facts.”

First of all we should always be aware when people are on a promotional tour because they say anything to draw attention to what they are hawking. She is trying to sell some geriatric remake of her hits or some such thing. Look closely at the item above. Look at all those nasty hurricanes that occurred before the theory of Global Warming. What we do know is that they all occurred during some significant event in Streisand’s life. At a certain age, when she was in a movie.

I think from this evidence we can conclude, with more certainty that global warming theorists, that Barbra Streisand is the cause of violent hurricanes. The Global Warming bunch said we needed to eliminate fossil fuels because they were the cause. Since we now know Streisand is the cause, we need to eliminate her.

Sorry Babs, nothing personal, just business. And I know you would want to do your little part for the environment.

Side note. Notice that it says Sawyer did not make Babs aware of these things. Goodness forbid you throw the truth on a moonbat. Babs would have to go see a therapist, oy.

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