August Jackass Of The Month!


The polls are now closed and the Jackass of the Month election for the month of August is over. We had 145 votes this month, a new JOTM record! The winner is the New York Times with a whopping 66% of the votes. The tally is as follows:

New York Times 95 Votes 66%
All Democrats 30 Votes 21%
Dick Durban 14 Votes 10%
Lincoln Chaffee 2 Votes 1%
Robert Bennett 2 Votes 1%
Mitch McConnell 2 Votes 1%

The New York Times will now take the place of dishonor where the Dog can use it for the only thing it is good for.

Thanks to all who voted. A new poll for September will be up soon.

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One Response to “August Jackass Of The Month!”

  1. Jo says:

    I love that dog btw :)