At Least Police Officers Are Safer

Police officers carry firearms for one reason and that reason is to protect themselves. There is nothing wrong with that because there are a lot of really bad people in the world and the police get to deal with those bad folks so they should be able to protect themselves.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.

Looks like the police are safer as a new report shows that the number of law enforcement officers killed by a firearm in 2013 is at its lowest since the Wild West days. More officers were killed in traffic related accidents than by a firearm (half as many died of a heart attack).

This is great news for police officers.

For the regular person who lives in a state that infringes on rights the news is not so good. Those states restrict or ban (with unconstitutional laws) the right of the people to keep and bear arms. While police officers carry firearms to protect themselves the people they serve are denied that right.

The People’s Republik of Maryland is one such place. The Socialist Governor Martin O’Malley (who wants to be President) and his band of thieves in Annapolis have passed restrictive gun laws that violate the rights of the people who are supposed to be free citizens of the state (his Lt. Governor Anthony Brown is running to replace him. Brown, an Army veteran, is a socialist and supports gun control). Maryland likes to call itself the Free State but it is nothing of the sort.

The number of murders by firearms in Baltimore alone is about 9 times that of police officers NATIONWIDE. The people murdered with firearms were the victims (though often other criminals) of people who have no regard for the law and who do not obtain their firearms legally.

But the Socialist politicians in this state think law abiding citizens (who happen to be THEIR bosses) are the problem and have enacted laws that only affect those who follow the law.

Police officers have jobs that put them in harm’s way. They carry firearms to protect themselves. The people who are denied the right to keep and bear arms are not supposed to be in danger when they go about their lives. But as I stated earlier, it is a dangerous world and criminals love to go after unarmed people.

The people who are denied by their oppressive government (and Maryland is not the only place) are prey to those who have no regard for and do not follow the law.

So while it is great that fewer police officers were killed with firearms the reality is the people who live in tyrannical areas of the country (Maryland being one such place) are at the mercy of criminals and more of us are being murdered by them.

Unfortunately, some police officers support more gun control and take great pride in upholding unconstitutional gun grabbing laws for their puppet masters in the legislature.

Happy New Year. May it come with the overturning of all unconstitutional gun laws so we the people can once again be free.

That, after all, is the best way (but not the ONLY way) for us to regain our rights.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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