Armed Citizens; The Right Way To Go

Regardless of how one falls on the controversy in Missouri regarding who is at fault for the death of Michael Brown one thing is clear; the victims of the rioting and looting had nothing to do with it. The owners of these businesses are the victims of people who have no regard for society. If people are mad at the police then protest the police. If they are mad at government then protest government. They should not however, be destroying and stealing the property of people who did them no wrong.

There is no justification for it and it does not make their case stronger. It makes them look like a bunch of animals that were looking for a reason to riot and found one.

No one denies that these folks or any others have a basic right to protest. The First Amendment protects the right of people to PEACEABLY assemble and that is the key. There is nothing peaceful about what is happening in Ferguson.

The only businesses that seem to have escaped most of the damage are those whose owners and supporters protected the properties with firearms. Interestingly, the AR 15, the gun a Federal Judge said was not common and not a defensive weapon, has been displayed prominently in defense of property and life.

The police are not doing anything to protect the buildings. They can’t because they are overwhelmed and they really couldn’t care less about the safety of a building (or for that matter its occupants) when they are focused on their own safety.

This reality that the police cannot protect people might be why some police departments are telling citizens to arm themselves.

The latest example comes from none other than Detroit where residents have been advised by the police to buy firearms to protect themselves. Detroit is a dangerous place (as are most cities run by liberals) and the police usually show up to draw chalk lines around victims.

Their advice to people is to arm themselves and many people are taking that advice to heart.

A well armed citizen is the first line of defense of life and personal property. Liberals would have you believe that no one needs a gun but the police and the people who must live in the real world know differently.

The armed citizens of Ferguson are protecting themselves, their loved ones and their property.

Now folks in Detroit are being told to do the same.

Perhaps Detroit will thrive again when the criminals realize that the citizens are no longer easy targets. The criminals need not worry because they will move on to another place that is target rich.

Maryland might be inviting to them since the state has imposed unconstitutional gun laws.

A public service announcement to the criminals. Stick to the liberal parts of the state. Those folks do not like guns so you are not likely to get shot while robbing them.

Why should the rest of us be bothered with you when they refuse to protect themselves?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Armed Citizens; The Right Way To Go”

  1. Blake says:

    An armed populace is a more secure and safe populace, that’s for sure- if someone wanted to loot my business (or home), they would need to avoid my bullets.
    The police are impotent in these situations, even if they have cool toys to play with-
    What i would like to know, is when it was the job description of a cop to AVOID danger? I thought that was what they were paid to do, go where we, the general populace, should not or could not go.