Arkansas Man Was A Dog Catcher?

Earlier this week the secret service caught an Arkansas man trying to climb over the fence surrounding the White House. The President was home at the time though he was never in any danger. They have been trying to find out what this guy was doing. At first I thought it was someone hired by Hillary to break in and remove something incriminating that she left there. Then I thought maybe Bill got blitzed and thought he still lived there. After I saw the picture of the man I realized that it was not Bill and the person looked too whacked out to be a burgler.

As it turns out, the guy was trying to get into the White House to see Chelsea. It would appear that a few people in Arkansas are not aware that the Clinton’s packed up all the government’s property and moved out to a house in New York (where they live wink, wink) that was bought for them in some kind of deal that landed a Republican from California in hot water. But I digress.

Any way, there seems to be some confusion here. This guy claims that he was coming to see Chelsea because she was supposed to marry him. Chelsea probably met this schmuck at a bar and he was hitting on her so she said come by my house and I will marry you and then she gave 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the place of residence.

It is more likely the guy is a dog catcher and that is the address still on her collar tag.

Read about the Arkansas brain trust here.

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2 Responses to “Arkansas Man Was A Dog Catcher?”

  1. NOTR says:

    This is funny. Nevertheless it’s unfair. As much as I detest her Dad, she has not really earned any reason for antipathy. This is sorta like damning the Bush daughters for having the Dad they do. It isn’t fair in either case.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Unfair? I do not recall Amy Carter or the Bush girls being involved in politics beyond supporting their fathers’ election/reelection. But Chelsea is in the political fray:

    You can see some of it here.

    I would probably have left her alone if she had not grown up and started being public about her politics.

    Fair, sure. Nice, no. Funny, definitely!