Arizona Loses Right To Complain About Illegals

Arizona is a freeway for ILLEGALS to enter the country. They waltz in and take up residence or they move on to another state where they can begin to suck at the teat of government hand outs. Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed a bill that would make it a crime to be in Arizona ILLEGALLY. I was under the impression that being in the country ILLEGALLY was a crime but I guess action was needed at the state level so they would be able to arrest ILLEGALS and hold them for federal law enforcement officers. She vetoed this bill stating that her law enforcement agencies had concerns and wanted the arrests to remain the responsibility of the federal government. Here we go again with everyone expecting the feds to swoop in and save them. This state, as well as all others, needs to realize that they are first and foremost responsible for themselves. Waiting for the feds to jump in is the wrong approach as the foolhardy people of New Orleans discovered when they refused to protect themselves while waiting for Uncle Sam.

Gov. Janet Napolitano is the same person who declared a state of emergency with regard to her porous borders and wanted to place the National Guard there to prevent ILLEGALS from entering. It is a shame she does not have the courage of her convictions. It is, after all, an election year. She can not afford to tick off the ILLEGALS or any legals who might vote for her. It was probably also important for her to veto a bill that the Republican controlled legislature had passed:

Republican Sen. Barbara Leff of Paradise Valley, who proposed the bill, said the governor has painted herself as tough on illegal immigration by declaring a state of emergency at Arizona’s border, but has taken little action to back up her rhetoric.

“I don’t think the governor wants to do anything about this problem,” Leff said. She said the bill would have been a means to detain illegal immigrants until federal agents can pick them up.

I think that it is time for the state of Arizona to quit whining about its border problems. They have had many chances to tighten things up yet the Democrat in the State House keeps vetoing the bills. She simply talks the talk but can not walk the walk. As unfortunate as it might seem, the folks in Arizona are going to have to sit back and suck it up as more and more tax dollars are spent on ILLEGALS. They can sit back and watch as health care costs and crime rates rise while the Governor sits on her rear and does nothing. The people in Arizona need to remember this on election day (though I do not even know if this is an election year for her). They need to put someone in the State House who understands the problem and is willing to meet the challenge head on. Obviously, this Governor is not the one to do it. True to Democratic form though, she has put the blame on the Republicans:

The Democratic governor, accused by her Republican critics of being soft on immigration, has vetoed other immigration bills from the GOP- majority Legislature within the past year, including a proposal to give police the power to enforce federal immigration laws.

Only a moonbat would veto bills designed to strengthen the situation and curb ILLEGALS from entering and then call the Republicans soft on immigration. Only a moonbat would veto bills that prevent ILLEGALS from voting and then call Republicans soft. She must have learned that from the re-writing history classes that Bill and Hillary Clinton put on.

Source: Breitbart

Links to other instances where Napolitano was “tough” on the problem.

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One Response to “Arizona Loses Right To Complain About Illegals”

  1. Robert says:

    There will be a lot of voter fraud this year, The question is will America do anything about it.