Arizona Fights Back

What goes around comes around and this is certainly the case with Arizona and the lawless Obama regime. The Obama regime fought tooth and nail against Arizona’s illegal immigration law (meaning a law to control illegal immigration, not a law that was illegal) and violated the Constitution in the process. While the regime was violating the Constitution with regard to the immigration law (specifically the court in which they fought it) they were violating laws in Arizona, or so it seems.

Arizona has launched an investigation into Fast and Furious, the gun running scheme the Obama regime enacted to give them a reason for tougher gun laws. They basically forced gun store owners to allow illegal purchases of firearms and allowed the guns to cross into Mexico where the US lost track of them. They ended up in the hands of drug cartels. The regime wanted to make claims about lax gun laws so it could introduce tougher ones but their plan hit a snag when a border patrol agent was killed with one of the weapons and the scheme was made public.

So now the Arizona officials will look to see if the federal government and people working for it violated any of Arizona’s laws.

What would be more fitting than having some of the people involved prosecuted for violating Arizona laws after the regime worked so hard to interfere with Arizona’s illegal immigrant law?

Two can play the you broke the law game. Right now Arizona has the upper hand and the regime’s schemes are falling apart.

I bet they never figured a state would fight back.

The figured wrong.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog

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