Arizona Educator Gets Psyched Out Of Job

Deborah Frisch a cognitive psychologist who Use to teach at Arizona finds herself out of a job after making very nasty comments about a a blogger’s child. Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom was engaged in some verbal volleyball with Frisch when she went over the line and indicated that she would not be the least bit upset if someone killed his child. She also questioned why any woman would procreate with him. The comments she made were posted all over the Internet this past weekend.

Frisch openly admits that she likes to incite trouble by attacking right wingers. She considers herself, in true moonbat fashion, to be a victim of the meanness of the right wingers. The fact is, for a person who is in the field of psychology she sure allowed herself to be psyched out by these right wing rubes that she feels so superior to.

Frisch is being labeled as the unhinged academic of the year by Michelle Malkin. This is probably an understatement about Frisch. Imagine that this woman was responsible for teaching people in this world. The woman defends people like Ward Churchill and considers all right wingers to be less than human (in reference to her comment to Jeff).

The good thing is Deb Frisch has resigned from her position at Arizona. The bad news is there are probably many other colleges that would like to have her on faculty like say, one that would bring members of the Taliban in as students. Frisch is an unhinged moonbat and as is often the case, she is a person in psychology who probably needs psychological help.

Source: InSide Higher Ed

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2 Responses to “Arizona Educator Gets Psyched Out Of Job”

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