Aren’t Guns Illegal In Canada?

I was under the impression that guns were pretty much illegal in Canada and that all the gun grabbers want the US to adopt more stringent gun laws like those folks in Canada have. I guess I need to know then, if Canada has strict gun laws how do people get shot there. If gun laws work, how do criminals get guns?

Seems someone has some answering to do no that two gunmen have been killed in a college shooting:

Two suspected gunmen are dead in a chaotic shooting scene at a college in downtown Montreal that has left three people in critical condition.

I guess gun laws do not work because criminals do not obey laws. Perhaps Canada should have concentrated on locking up people who commit crimes rather than remove an inanimate object that can not commit a crime. I recall that the folks who were arrested there for terrorism had weapons as well. Next time someone tells you we need strict gun laws here so that we can reduce gun crime remind them of Oh Canada.


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One Response to “Aren’t Guns Illegal In Canada?”

  1. Dennis says:

    Believe it or not though…some liberal found a way to blame america for it!

    “Today’s ASG contains one shooting not in America– tragedy struck this afternoon at a Montreal college. Our gun laws may not have helped prevent it, but when the United States is by far the majority exporter of firearms in the world, responsibility finds its way back to us.”

    Incredible STUPID