Are You Sure You Want The UN?

It looks like the President of Somalia is returning home to try and establish some kind of rule there. He wants to establish the first effective authority in 14 years. This is the lawless place that saw 18 of our special forces soldiers get killed because of the gutlessness of the Clinton administration. This is where two real heroes went in and were killed trying to save their team mates. The two received the Medal Of Honor for their valor.

There is a real problem here. This is what the article has in it:

Some have called for UN peacekeepers to be deployed in Somalia to stop armed militias disrupting the transition.

The UN had peacekeepers in Somalia back then. When the war lords attacked the convoys of relief supplies the UN “soldiers” ran like little girls. They did not fight to protect the supplies or the people and they did not keep the peace. As a result the war lords obtained the supplies and then sold them to the very people who should have gotten them for free. These UN folks allowed the violence to escalate so that by the time our troops were called to action there was a frenzy of violence. Couple this by the cowardice shown by the Clinton White House and there was a recipe for disaster (that actually led to the attacks of 9/11).

If our military had been allowed to go in there after the Blackhawk down incident there might not be this need today. We could have wiped out the bad guys and let this president start anew. instead, he will go into a lawless area to try and establish rule over people who do not want to obey laws or be ruled. I really don’t care what they do there and whether they use the UN or not. I do not want our troops to be involved in this in any fashion. We need to let them work out their own problems. Of course, after the UN gets kicked around a while they will be begging us for help.

In the words of Nancy Reagan, just say NO.

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