Appease Fire

It looks like the Israelis have accepted the Appease Fire that the UN has put together under the guidance of the French. Since the UN is full of anti-Semites the Appease Fire just appeases Hezbollah. They have already claimed victory and this whole mess is bolstering the Muslim world who will now be emboldened to attack Israel because they will have no fear. The MSM was complicit in this mess by allowing Hezbollah to get away with staging a lot of things and thus winning the propaganda war.

I stated that when Israel left Gaza there would be bloodshed in the future and there was. It was not directed at Palestine because Hezbollah jumped in and the attention was given to them. This Appease Fire will not make Israel safer. They should get it written in the deal that if Hezbollah shoots another rocket then Israel gets to carpet bomb the place while the UN is still there.

One more thing. Israel should not pay one red cent for the rebuilding and if the US gives any money for Lebanon we should take up arms and remove the government. We need to ensure our tax dollars do not go to the terrorists or we can arrest the government for supporting terrorism.

Tell Lebanon not to rebuild anything yet because in a few months Israel will be doing this again.

ABC News

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