Any Doubt What Side Annan Is On?

Representatives from around the world are meeting to try and find a solution to the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel. Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General, has stated that there must be an immediate cease fire. But then he said:

The U.N. chief said Hezbollah must stop its “deliberate targeting of Israeli population centers” and that Israel must end all bombing, ground operations and blockades of Lebanese ports.

So Israel must stop all bombing, ground operations, and end the port blockade but Hezbollah must only stop deliberately targeting Israeli population centers. I guess to Annan it is OK if Hezbollah shoots but not at Israeli population centers or if it only hits population centers by mistake.

You see, Annan is asking Israel for the same thing that Israel is always asked. Please stop while we let your enemies try to kill you. Every time hostilities break out Israel kicks the snot out of the attackers and then they are asked to stop being mean and let the poor terrorists have their way. Israel has given up land it seized in war and they have complied with UN resolution so that they can live in peace with their neighbors, neighbors who have only one goal and that is the eradication of Israel.

Perhaps Israel should tell Annan, “No Kofi, Hezbollah must immediately disarm and leave the south or we will wipe them out of existence. Perhaps Kofi, you should actually enforce UN Resolution 1559 instead of asking our country to sit idly by while the terrorists kill off our people. BTW Kofi, why don’t you take a little trip up to the UN observation post and have a look around.”

Israel needs to rid the world of Hezbollah because it, unlike the UN and most of the countries in the world, know what terrorism is and they know how to stop it.

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