Any Doubt the Terrorists Want Kerry?

This afternoon a video tape aired with a man, now confirmed to be Osama Bin Laden, making threats against the United States. Bin Laden stated the 9/11 attacks would not have been as bad if it were not for Bush. He likened the US to corrupt Arab States and said that our safety was in our own hands. I find it interesting that stating 9/11 would not have been as bad as if we would be OK with a lesser attack. Well, on second thought, Kerry might have. If it fit his definition of a nuisance attack.

Bin Laden did everything except come out and endorse John Kerry. Is there any doubt in your mind that the terrorists want him because they view him as weaker than Bush. The people of the US feel the same way. When asked who do you trust more to prosecute the war on terror Bush wins 53% to 37% for Kerry. Bin Laden wants Kerry in but make no mistake, it WILL NOT STOP HIM FROM ATTACKING. He and his radical followers want us dead. They want to do away with us, our freedoms, and our country.

We can not let this happen. Do not allow this man to strike fear in to your hearts, We are a brave and bold nation and we will win. I pray to God that there is not an attack but I do not live my life in fear of one. I would rather die in a terrorist attack as a free man who did not fear them and did not let them dictate how I lived. I would rather die like that than live like a coward, hiding in a corner because of the threats of a radical mad man. Too many brave people before us died to give us freedom and I will be damned if I will dishonor them by giving that freedom up.

My friends, do not fear them. Confront them. Be vigilant. We have come too far as a country to allow them to win. When you go in to the polls on election day , ask yourself one question. Which candidate will keep me safe? The resounding answer is George Bush. If you do not like being threatened by thugs and you want to live in safety, then you must vote for Bush.

Bin Laden is out there. We will get him, it is only a matter of time. Despite what Kerry says, we are doing a good job and we are winning. Keep in mind two things. The troops want George Bush by a 3 to1 margin. If you support the troops then you should support them by voting for the man they want to lead them. Secondly, if the terrorists want Kerry as president then we DO NOT! It is that simple.

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