Any Doubt The Terrorists Do Not Want Peace

Hezbollah has been getting a steady diet of whoop-ass from Israel. Hamas has been getting a double dose and they were ready to throw in the towel about ten minutes after Israel unleashed its fury. Now that the anti-Semitic United Nations has come up with this wonderful plan for a cease fire Hezbollah is claiming victory and Hamas is indicating that it learned lessons from Hezbollah (like the terrorists need lessons in getting smacked by Israel).

The reason this whole mess took place is because a UN Resolution (1556) was not enforced. Kofi Annan did not ensure that Hezbollah disarmed and left the border. He was sure to check and make sure Israel gave up property as they promised but he was quite lax in making the terrorists hold up their end of the deal. Under the noses of UN observers, Hezbollah dug in, became heavily armed, and amassed strength on the Israeli border. They did all this under the UN observers who are supposed to ensure things go according to resolution. Since they were flying the Hezbollah flag, it is not hard to see who they were looking out for. The terrorists provoked Israel and got a response they did not expect. They tried to act like they were fighters but every time they turned around Israel was killing a bunch of their people. Some of them, I am sure (like the children) were really civilians but most were Hezbollah. When people stand up and say they are supporting the terrorists and either don’t leave or are held against their will, they become targets. It is just that simple.

Hezbollah and Hamas were in a bad way at the outset of the war because most of the world was on the side of Israel. There were a few who do not understand war who said the reaction was disproportionate. I will just say that when you play with fire you get burned. However, as the war raged on Hezbollah recycled dead kids and allowed the media to film the charade so that they could get the sympathy of the free world. Never mind that they often either gathered people to use as targets or fired from the location of civilian populations, again making them targets. The fact is, many bought the ploy and turned on Israel. It did not matter that Hezbollah was launching rockets indiscriminately into Israel because we hardly saw the death and destruction there. It was played out that way by the MSM and the puppeteers in Hezbollah.

Now that there is an appease fire there is hope that this will finally lead to lasting peace. I have ten dollars that says the peace will be broken within a year. The terrorists groups do not want peace. They feel that Israel is on land that they have no claim to and they intend to wipe them out. Now I make no distinction between the governments of countries and terrorists because they are on in the same. Hezbollah holds seats in the Lebanese government and the leader of that country blamed Israel and said he supported Hezbollah. In Palestine, Hamas is the government and they are terrorists. Do they want peace? Here is what Hamas has said in light of the Hezbollah victory claim:

Officials said the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority would facilitate intensified missile attacks as well as infiltration of Israel. They said Hamas has been impressed by the Hizbullah war in Lebanon.

“The accent will be on better equipment and training,” an official said. “We expect to see anti-tank missiles, roadside bombs and greater use of tunnels to infiltrate Israel.”

They will be building up arms supplies that include anti-tank weapons. They will be building road side bombs and they will be digging tunnels into Israel so they can infiltrate the country. This is not the proper thing to be doing when there is an appease fire going on. Hamas is not preparing for peace, they are preparing for war. Israel could have easily pulverized Palestine and left it in complete ruins. They did not and it was not hit anywhere near as hard as Lebanon was. Israel should know by now that no good deed goes unpunished. Every time they capitulate they get screwed.

Perhaps Israel should make its own resolution and publish it before the UN and the world. It would read:

Israel hereby announces that it will cease hostile actions so that the worthless UN may pretend like it cares about the way Israel is treated. We will allow Lebanon to bring in 15,000 of its soldiers and we will monitor the withdraw of Hezbollah. We will not leave until the peacekeeping force arrives and our soldiers are released. The subject kidnapping terrorists have 48 hours to return the soldiers or this deal is void and we will continue to bomb the hell out of you. We will also repel any attack on our troops or our country.

Israel further states for the record and to the world so there will be no questions in the future that if one rocket comes into our country, just one, we will retaliate with the full force of our entire military and we will not use caution. We will bomb at will and will do so continuously. We will start at one end of Palestine and Lebanon and will not stop until we get to the other side. We will kill every living thing in both countries and we will reduce everything to rocks. We will bomb the hell out of Mr. Green Hat and his ice box of dead babies and we will kill people as they hold dead children up to the camera.

We make this statement not as a threat but as a promise. We have allowed the UN to “fix” things for a long time and things just keep getting worse. Israel keeps losing ground and keeps getting attacked. So we are agreeing to the Appease Fire that the UN designed to benefit Hezbollah but we only agree to it on our terms. We do not care who likes it and who does not. This is the way it is going to be and since the world does not like us to begin with there is not much chance of us alienating too many more people. We do know however, if a rocket flies into our country or there are any other provocations, we will rid the world of the population of two countries and then we will take the land as ours and WE WILL NEVER RETURN IT. We will also snatch Kofi Annan up and take him back to Israel where he can get what he deserves.

Any questions about this statement can be directed to our spokesperson Helen Waite. Therefore anyone who wants to ask about this can go to Helen Waite. If the UN decides that it does not like this then we reject the entire Appease Fire and will continue bombing until we run out of weaponry.

This is the only language the terrorists understand and Israel can back up the rhetoric.

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