Any Doubt The Left Is Pandering To Religion?

Not long after the last Presidential election, the left came up with a plan that involved acting like they actually cared about religion. They decided that they needed to be religious to get votes. Who can forget Hillary and her use of the word evangelical? How many times have Democrats invoked the name of Jesus when telling us how we should be acting?

Howard Dean was speaking at a religious conference and he said a few things that should make people think real hard about the elections. Dean said we were going back to the 60s. He said that they did not want to make the same mistakes they had in the past and admitted that one of them was giving people things for nothing which created a culture of dependence. He has finally realized what conservatives have said all along and that is, people need to be empowered to achieve and that you get more of what you subsidize. Dean told them that the Democratic party NOW emphasizes the value of work. So guess what? Dean has acknowledged that they have been wrong all these years. And they want us to vote them in, Why???

Dean wants a culture of dependence. That is why we have him and his ilk always trying to create class warfare and pandering to “victims” of society. He is just like the rest of them, talking like a centrist to garner votes from the middle. One needs to ask why go back to the 60s? Is it so they can engage in random sex with strangers and start a new revolution? Is it so they can pass around drugs to create new realities (none for Mr. Clinton, he does not inhale)? Perhaps he wants to go back to the 60s because that was before the civil rights act. That Howard must be a racist.

The most bizarre and absolutely phony thing that Dean said (and that talks a lot considering the whoppers I pointed out already) was:

“I came in the wrong door when I first got here,” Dean said. “I came in the back, and everybody was talking about praising the Lord, and I thought, ‘I am home. Finally, a group of people who want to praise the Lord and help their fellow man just like Jesus did and just like Jesus taught.’ Thank you so much for doing that for me.”

Right in the Democrat play book. Mention Jesus a few times and say how you would like to be like him. In order for that to have value one must actually mean it. If Dean walked in to a room where people were praising the Lord, then he did get one thing right. He definitely walked in the wrong door. The statement was so phony, especially considering the things that come out of his mouth about Republicans, I am surprised that a bolt of lightning did not strike him.

I think the only place Dean would feel at home would be if he walked through a door and into a Satanic worship ceremony, but hey, that is just me.

The article is a must read just for all the lies that Dean tells. It is also worth the read to see how many times he tells us that the donks have been wrong all these years (and by extension, how they will now be like Republicans). Priceless.

Source: CNS News

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