Any Doubt Obama Is Harming People On Purpose?

The battle of the mindless in DC continues to go back and forth as Barack Obama fights to avoid HIS sequestration. Yes, he wanted it; he suggested it and he got it. Now he is running around pointing fingers and trying to avoid it like the plague. Obama does not negotiate in good faith. In fact, none of the Democrats do. Their idea of negotiating is to demand tax increases NOW and spread cuts (cuts that NEVER happen) over ten years.

Obama got huge tax increases in December and cutting was supposed to take place between then and now. However, Obama has decided that the way he wants to proceed is to raise taxes again. He does not want to cut so he is placing the burden of the sequester cuts on people who will feel them.

I wrote yesterday that Obama must cause pain or people will realize that cutting is not so bad. There is, as of today, no doubt he wants people in pain if he cannot have his tax increases.

The cuts are only to the growth in government. We will spend more this year than last and we spent more last year than the one before. This is a cut in growth, not an actual cut to the budget (which, by the way, they have not had for over 4 years).

The Republicans in the Senate have come up with a plan that eases the restrictions and allows Barack Obama even greater latitude to decide where the 85 billion dollars in cuts will come from. In other words, they will allow Obama to decide what to cut so long as it adds up to the right amount. Obama could take this on, cut from things that do not directly affect people, and reduce the pain.

But he does not want to do that because no pain means people will realize that government must spend too much and we can cut even more. This puts a damper on his plan to grow the government and create more dependency than we currently have.

To Obama government is everyone’s mommy and daddy and he can’t have people seeing that they can live with less of it…

Obama has threatened to veto the Senate Republican bill.

He does not want the ability to cut from larger sources because it would ruin his plans. Obama said that the only way to solve the problem is to back the Democrat plan of raising taxes on the wealthy (who cannot solve it even if all their money was confiscated) and then cut over ten years. That is the liberal playbook. The other part is they will never cut but the taxes will stay in place. It has been done time and again and Democrats never keep up the cut part of the equation.

Pretty much like they are trying to do now in their effort to avoid the sequester.

Obama also indicated that there is NO WAY to cut 85 billion dollars over the next seven months (the balance of the fiscal year) without drastically affecting national security and economic policies.

Really? Cuts need to happen and entitlement programs need to be reformed. I know liberals like to scream about the wars Bush started and the amount of money they cost but entitlement programs cost 2.48 TRILLION dollars. The war on terror cost 115 BILLION dollars. Entitlements need to be reformed and there is an abundance of waste in them. Government wastes BILLIONS of dollars each year sending money to people who should not get it, like dead folks. The Medicare system is rife with fraud and costs billions of dollars that government is unable to catch.

But we need cuts now and Obama needs to get to 85 Billion. Here is an idea. Let’s cut the 24 BILLION dollars that we spend on foreign aid. Most of the places we send it don’t like us anyway and hell, we need to take care of our own first. Why should people in the US be harmed so some jihadist Muslim nation can get billions in aid?

There are billions of dollars in accounts at various agencies that have not been spent. The money is excess and could be used for the cuts. There are also hundreds of programs that do the same thing. We can cut them and have one agency in charge (if the program is actually needed). There is no doubt that billions of dollars are wasted each year on things like turtle tunnels and what we can learn about democracy from fish so let’s cut them.

It will not take long to get to and surpass 85 BILLION dollars. All Obama has to do is want to do it.

And that is the rub. Cutting the money would be easy but then he would lose his claim that government needs more money and the cuts will harm people. He will lose his ability to grow government and show that his claim that we don’t have a spending problem is a lie

The government has 15 BILLION dollars in unused property it can sell. That will take time but we can unload is as soon as possible for the future.

Senator Barbara Mikulski of the People’s Republik of Maryland mocked claims that we should be able to cut 2% like families have to do. She said that American families don’t run prisons, don’t build roads and don’t have to fund their own local police force.

First of all, American taxpayers do have to pay for all of this IN ADDITION TO PAYING FOR THEIR OWN BUDGETS. Second of all, the federal government does not do all of this. Local roads, prisons and police forces are paid for by local (including state) governments with taxes confiscated from taxpayers in those states.

The federal government is not as involved in all of this as she would have us believe. Additionally, government historically takes the money taxpayers have confiscated for these things and spends it on other things. In Maryland we had a transportation fund that had lots of money in it that we paid in. The Democrats spent it on other things and now want to tax us even more to fund transportation. This happens at the federal level as well. Let us not forget that Social Security has had trillions of dollars paid in since it was started. There is no money for that program because politicians used it in the general fund. Now we have to pay more in to replenish the money. We are paying for it at least twice.

So Mikulski can take her mocking tone and put it where the sun does not shine. She is part of the problem and she takes the rest of us for idiots who do not see what is really going on.

Obama’s end game is to hurt as many people as possible to push his agenda. Mikulski’s game is to help him do it.

They are evil people who must be stopped.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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