ANTISEMITISM Is Alive And Well In The United States – And Islam Is At It’s Core

A school in Rialto, California gave an assignment to its Eighth Grade class – which asked students to compose a written debate over whether the Holocaust was
“merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain.”

The school district´s superintendent – who defended the assignment and has since received a death threat from an unknown party – is Mohammed Z. Islam.

Islam is a 14th Century mindset that can barely start a FIRE on its own, let alone create ANYTHING WHATSOEVER – for EVIL CANNOT CREATE, IT CAN ONLY DESTROY.
Everything Islam has – from the clothes they wear, the guns they shoot, to the planes they used to SLAUGHTER 3000 INNOCENTS ON 911 – they have STOLEN from the West – for Muslims are PARASITES.

ISLAM has realized they have UTTERLY FAILED – so now they are BRAINWASHING INNOCENT CHILDREN to grow up and do what Muslims are too INEPT AND BALLESS to do themselves – KILL G✡D’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.


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