Anti War Zealots Refuse to Pay Taxes

The idea that someone should not pay taxes because what those taxes goes toward is ridiculous. First of all, I don’t like to pay any taxes at all. I believe that the federal government wastes our money and then extorts more of it from us. Their henchmen in the IRS make sure we pay or we end up in real big trouble. Add the states that tax the hell out of people and it is no wonder that people who make 50,000 dollars a year have trouble making ends meet.

There is a group of anti war folks who are refusing to pay their taxes because they do not want the money they pay in to go toward funding the war. This is not a new idea and America’s last generation of ungrateful leeches had its share of people who refused to pay taxes so as not to fund the Vietnam War. I am having a little trouble with the logic of these ding bats. They oppose the war so they will not pay taxes that will go to pay for the war. Simple enough, but people do not get to pick and choose where their tax money goes. I could name at least a dozen programs that I do not want my tax money paying for. How would it work out if people decided not to pay taxes because of something they did not like that taxes were paying for?

Now the anti war zealots are trying to get legislation that will exempt their taxes from paying for the war:

War protesters have been pushing for a law called the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund that would allow designated conscientious objectors to have their income, estate, or gift taxes used for nonmilitary purposes. After years of efforts, they hope a Congressional hearing will be held on the proposal next year. My Way News

Anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about the First Amendment and the Religion aspect of it. I know that there is no such thing as separation of church and state. However, since this is what the ACLU yaps about all the time, let me play devil’s advocate. If the government allows these folks’ taxes not to pay for war based on religion, isn’t that a violation of this separation of church and state thing the ACLU keeps inventing?

Putting that aside, would it be OK for religious people to refuse to have their taxes pay for things to which they oppose on religious grounds, such as abortion? Imagine how that would dry up abortions if people who oppose it could stop their taxes from paying for it. How about those of us who do not have children in school. Are we free to request that we do not pay taxes for schools? The article indicates that many of these people have taken jobs that pay so little money that they do not pay taxes at all. Suppose those of us who do pay taxes do not want our taxes to pay for the street repairs where these folks live. Or perhaps we do not want to pay for police and fire departments in their neighborhoods. If they are not paying taxes then they must not be entitled to the services that taxes pay for.

This whole issue is a slippery slope and once this bell is rung there will be no end to the number of people seeking to keep their taxes from paying for things they just don’t like.

Come to think of it, I am not that fond of the Congress. Is there anyway I can keep my money from going to them? Not unless I want their mob enforcers in the IRS showing up at my door with a horse head.

Big Dog

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27 Responses to “Anti War Zealots Refuse to Pay Taxes”

  1. Kate says:

    I don’t have kids in school. I don’t want any of my tax dollars to pay for any more public indoctrination! :)

  2. steve dennis says:

    I am opposed to my tax dollars funding all social programs such as welfare for people who are unwilling to work.Can I refuse to pay also?

  3. If they are referring to not paying federal income tax, you should look into what the federal income tax dollars go to.

    They do not go to pay your roads or welfare programs. 99% of federal tax dollars collected are soley obsorbed on the nations debt owed to a private group of bankers at the federal reserve. Which is not a legal functioning body of the US government.

    So before any of you go spoutting off about what tax dollars wont be able to pay for, you should understand where federal income tax are spent.

    To stop the war, i think a march on washington would be more affective than not paying taxes. The tax dollars that come from corporations, legal income taxes, are the exact amount of funds given to the military for spending.

    Further more almost 30% of the US gross national product is not spent on the military, which is around 4%. The 30% of the US gross national product is used for welfare programs, the welfare state, if you will.

    A lot of money consumed by the military but the biggest burden money wise is the welfare programs that the federal government has its hands all over.

    End wars and end rewarding people for not doing anythying.

    Ron Paul 2008.

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  10. Big Dog says:

    Forgotten Hope,
    Before I spout off I generally know what I am talking about. About 9% of the budget goes to pay off the interest on our debt. 21% to military and 21% to Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid account for about 19% and 9% accounts for safety net programs such as energy assistance. The remaining fifth breaks down as 6% for federal worker retirement, 4% for education, 3% for science and medical research, 2% for transportation infrastructure, 1% for non security international and 5% to all other programs.

    As you can see, the overwhelming portion goes to socail programs, none of which are authorized in our Constitution. The Constitution does however, allow us to stand up an Army and navy and to fund them so out of all the spending the military is a Constitutionally authorized expense.

    I do not want to stop the war without victory and marching on DC only gets anti war protesters smacked down by groups such as Rolling Thunder and Gathering of Eagles. The anti war nuts are not the only voices around any longer. The silent MAJORITY is beginning to speak.

    So that is how taxes are broken down. Once day we can get into how the rich pay about 80% of the taxes while the lower two quintiles pay little or none but receive the most tax dollar benefits.

    Where do our tax dollars go

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  21. says:

    I am anti war, but I paid my taxes. I just wouldn’t let my children go fight Bush’s war, at least not until his daughters went to fight in Iraq.

    Although I did it for 2 years before I was able to retire from the military.
    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom
    and Enduring Freedom casualties
    as confirmed by U.S. Central
    Command: 3975

  22. Big Dog says:

    This is America’s war, not Bush’s. The sooner the anti war zealots realize this the closer we can get to victory. Your kids do not have to serve, there is no draft and it is a free country. It is perfectly OK, better people than they (and you) will be happy to take up arms in defense of our country.

    If you insist that this is Bush’s war and not yours, and since this is America’s war, you are do not want to be an American so go somewhere else.

    The fact is, you do not have to like the war and we can argue all day about whether we should be there but we are and we need to win. Get it through your kool aid riddled brain that this is America’s war and you will be a better person.

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  25. littledog says:

    Bigdog fails to mention the type of taxes being referred to so we can assume it is the income tax which most Americans are not required to pay. The 16th amendment in no way makes anyone liable for income tax but does authorize congress to make tax laws which it has not down insofar as making the typical American man or women liable for income taxes.

    FedEx pilot Vernice Kuglin aquitted on all charges of tax evasion regarding $900,000.00:

    Former IRS Agent Joe Banister says federal income tax is unlawfully applied:

    Attorney Tom Cryer also shows that the law regarding income tax as found in title 26 does not apply to most Americans:

    Former IRS agents say Income Tax is voluntary:

    John Turner

    Sherry Jackson

  26. Big Dog says:

    The 16th Amendment was designed to clear up the Constitution which clearly gives Congress the right to levy taxes. A lot of people are thrown in jail for not paying income taxes.

    The fact is, we have tax laws that require people to pay. I think we pay way too much and that Government is intrusive in our lives, especially in our wallets. Having said that, I will not refuse to pay taxes until the SCOTUS rules they are unconstitutional.