Anti War Protestors Deface Capitol

Capitol police were ordered to move back and allow protestors access to the Capitol where the hooligans promptly spray painted anti war slogans. They painted the steps with symbols and slogans after the police backed off to allow them access. The police officers working the Capitol were upset with the decisions of their superiors and did not want to allow the protestors to deface the Capitol. The police chief, Phillip Morse, defended the actions by stating that the protestors wanted a confrontation with the police.

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The police are not supposed to be intimidated. They are there to protect the buildings and the people who work there and they can not give in to avoid confrontation. I wonder if this had been the KKK and they wanted to paint Swastikas would they have been permitted to do so. As far as I am concerned the police did not do their jobs and the police chief should be fired. Maybe today a group of protestors can show up and try to steal from the building and the police can just let them do so in order to avoid a confrontation.

Workers had to come in on their days off to clean up the mess. This is a disgrace and it sets a bad precedent. Suppose a few supporters of the war show up today and want to spray paint pro war slogans. Will they be denied and if so, were they discriminated against?

I am all for people exercising their rights in this country. Those rights however, stop with destruction of property or harm to others. The police were wrong here and the police chief needs to be unemployed for taking this terrible decision.

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12 Responses to “Anti War Protestors Deface Capitol”

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  5. Rico J. Halo says:

    How much more of this do we have to put up with from these liberal scums? Im an old cold warrior from a military family and this is just horse crap. Someone tries to spit on this vet and Ill wring his spindly lil’ lib neck.

  6. MLSmith says:

    What really warmed my heart was the apperance of good ‘ol Hanoi Jane herself. If I could have my way, that treasonous b*tch would still be in a Federal prison for her actions during the Viet Nam war.

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  9. DBK says:

    Um, I hate to interject sense into this little hysteria-fest you’re having, but the stories about spitting on Sparling are full of holes and keep changing from one moment to the next. Sparling’s story has changed a couple of times already. In fact, nobody can confirm it and it makes no sense. How many combat-trained vets would stand for being spat on? Also, there were many vets marching for peace on Saturday (unlike the commenters here, I was actually there and have photos of the counter-protest and the “confrontation”, such as it was, on the Capitol steps) and I don’t think they would put up with a fellow vet getting spat upon regardless of where people stand on the Iraq war. So the story sounds pretty bogus. With all the cameras and video, and there were a LOT of them, nobody has a picture of the spitting incident or the follow up. Nobody took a picture right after the spitting because they saw a good story? That makes no sense.

    As for the alleged spray painting, there is exactly one verifiable photo of the spray painting (and with so many cameras on the steps, that says a lot). I saw no spray painting, personally. As for the Capitol Police, wtih so many people milling about, innocently and doing no harm to anything, why would they escalate tensions and create a possibly dangerous situation for the sake of a can of spray paint? Instead, they showed professionalism and discipline. Command’s decision was the right one. Like I said, you folks sound awfully hysterical. Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed.

  10. Big Dog says:

    Well DBK,
    Let me see if I can help you out because sense is the last thing a liberal has any of. As for the spitting, it is quite possible that someone walking by spit at Sparling and it was not captured on film, especially if there was no real exchange until the incident. I trust his word before the word of a bystander who questions why it is not on film. Now if you were next to him the whole time and can refute it do so, otherwise you are speculating.

    The real problem as I see it is that you suffer from the same delusions as all libs and that is, you want the laws selectively applied. We have police officers to enforce the law. I don’t give a damn if it was one drop of paint. If it was applied as a blatant act it is illegal. Under your logic the police should just watch the bank get robbed if a bunch of people are protesting high bank charges. A crime is a crime and the reason this country is where it is is because of people like you who think laws should only apply in certain situations. One verifiable photo is proof that it happened, what more do we need? If the cops were not going to protect the Capitol then why even have them there.

    And, if you people love peace so much why would the cops have to worry about you getting unruly over the arrest of a lawbreaker? They should be happy I was not there or I would have Tazered the jackass and taken him in. I know it is hard for you but laws are laws.

    There is no hysteria, just disbelief that so called Americans would do such a terrible thing. My God, let someone paint a Swastika on someone’s house and you moonbats go nuts, show a Confederate Flag and you lose your minds but let some jerk vandalize our Capitol and you defend it.

    It is sad you have so little sense that you can not tell right from wrong. I actually pity you.