Anti-Bullying? Start With The Feds

For some time now we have had anti-bullying campaigns to stop bullying. It can be for legitimate bullying like schoolyard hooligans or it can be for wussy stuff like trauma over a vote Trump sign. While I think the best way to deal with bullies is to beat the snot out of them I can see value in teaching children not to be bullies (and they will not grow up to be bullies).

The anti-bullying campaign needs to start with the federal government and by that I do not mean they should be leading the charge. I mean that the campaign should be directed at them.

The federal government is a huge bully that uses its size and resources to force states to comply with things that states do not like and that are not in the realm of the feds. The feds force states to do things like ignore immigration laws, they force states to take refugees and they force states to follow laws regarding gay marriage and abortion even though those things are not in the Constitution and do not belong under federal control.

In the latest example of bullying the federal government is trying to force [bankrupt] North Carolina to reverse its position on allowing people of one sex in the public restrooms of the opposite sex. To coin a phrase from the left, the law in question is a common sense law that will help keep perverts out of places they do not belong.

It is bad enough we have to worry about some child molester of the same sex attacking our children but now the feds want us to allow anyone to use any restroom so perverts will have unfettered access to our wives and daughters.

Several federal agencies are threatening to withhold federal money if NC does not change its ways and allow open restrooms. The government confiscates our money and then uses it to extort things from us.

Perhaps it is time to take a stand. NC should not allow any federal agencies inside its border. It should use its resources to close down federal buildings or force the feds to pay for having them there. The NC governor should declare that all businesses must submit federal taxes withheld to the state. The state should hold that money in escrow and use it to pay for whatever the feds cut. The money could also be held until the feds give in. Perhaps NC can erect toll booths on federal roads to pay the state for their use.

I hope NC gets tough and beats back the tyrants in DC.

Let’s put an end to bullying by the federal government by beating the snot out of the bully.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Anti-Bullying? Start With The Feds”

  1. Blake says:

    And people wonder why some other people like Trump- dummies!
    It is because the Feds stick their noses where, if there was a God, it would be cut off. The Federal gubbmint has NOT the power or standing to do the things they try to do.
    Omammy is a good example- I would love to stuff his “executive orders” where the sun don’t shine- literally.