Anti American Police Chiefs Are A Threat To Public Safety

Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy has blamed everything for the plethora of gun related deaths in his city. He has blamed Sarah Palin and is now blaming the Second Amendment. Yes, the right to keep and bear arms is evidently the problem in Chicago where the right is infringed. You see, in Chicago there are very strict gun control laws that violate the US Constitution.

Yet the city is deluged with gun violence and gun crime.

The reason is obvious; criminals do not obey the law. If there was ever a fine example of how gun bans do not work, Chicago is it. The reality that gun control does not stop gun crime has been debated time and again and is generally pointless since brain dead liberals in the anti gun crowd do not understand common sense.

The same people who use all sorts of illicit drugs (those banned under law) think that laws banning guns will stop people from using them illegally.

The bigger issue here is that the police chief of a major city is expressing his view that part of our Constitution is a problem and that those who follow that Constitution are a threat to public safety.

The real threat to our safety is public servants like McCarthy who are not upholding their oaths. These people are dangerous because they believe it is Ok to ignore the Supreme Law of the Land to push their agenda. People who do this are the very reason we have a Second Amendment. It is in place to protect a preexisting right so that we the people have the means to fight tyranny within their own government.

McCarthy wants guns banned and the Second Amendment ignored so he and other like him can do as they wish and can abuse people at will.

They are dangerous and are a stark reminder of how important the Second Amendment actually is.

McCarthy believes the Second Amendment limits citizens to only owning smooth bore muskets. First of all, the Constitution does not limit citizens; it limits the government (which is why liberals do not like it). Second of all, the Second Amendment does not prescribe any particular type of firearm. Additionally, if McCarthy thinks that the Constitution only applies to items available when it was written then he and his officers need to give up their modern firearms. He needs to stop speaking on TV, the radio and the Internet and limit his communication to the newspapers and the US Mail.

McCarthy, not content with his anti Second Amendment lunacy, also said that judges and legislators should rely on opinion polls when interpreting the Constitution.

I imagine that would only pertain to things that liberals agree with. Public opinion polls showed that a huge majority of people were (and still are) opposed to Obamacare (is it any wonder why?).

What about any opinion polls showing that Obama should be impeached? How about those where people think Obama is not eligible to hold office?

In fact, the majority of people polled support our right to keep and bear arms so McCarthy would be SOL on that issue as well.

People like this are dangerous. He is unable to police his violent city and he is an idiot. He needs to be replaced and Chicago needs to stop violating the Constitution.

But in typical liberal fashion he blames everything that is NOT the cause of the problem.

If Obama had a son..

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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