Another One Bites The Dust

The CIA used an unmanned Drone to fire missiles at a safe house in Pakistan killing the number 3 man in al Qaida. Hamza Rabia and four other people were killed as they sat in an apparently “unsafe” house. Pakistani officials reported that the explosion was caused by explosives stored at the location but the US is confirming that they fired into the house though they are not commenting on the fate of Rabia.

Pakistan is reluctant to report when the US fires into their territory in order to prevent backlash from supporting America. However, they have expressed no doubt that Rabia was killed.

I only hope they did not die instantly so they could experience the horror of that missile sending them to an even more fiery existence in hell. I want their last thoughts on Earth to be of terror and agony so they will be prepared for an afterlife with Satan.

Read it here.

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