Another One Bites The Dust

Looks like Detroit is not the only place where people are learning the importance of reporting to work when they are supposed to. In Idaho a grocer fired several employees because they did not report to work when they were scheduled opting instead to attend protests. All the employees had to do was check in and they would have been OK. They chose not to do so despite the fact they were told to check in. The manager, Rick Farnsworth, stated that no one was fired because the employees abandoned their jobs:

“Nobody got fired. I came to work today and found out that my produce manager and my opening manager were not here today. All you need to do is come down and check in. Our store policy is if they don’t show up for work, with no excuse, that they’ve quit”

There are rules and when you break the rules you suffer the consequences. It would appear that since we have allowed people to break rules with impunity when entering this country they believe they can break the rules when ever they want and have no problems. Looks like they were wrong in Idaho.

Source: KIDK 3

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