Another Liberal City Near Bankruptcy

Chicago, Obama’s hometown by the way, is in financial ruin. It taxes people to death and it spends way more than it takes in. The place is a haven for corruption and union deals that have led to pensions sucking the life out of the city. The only answer that liberals have is to tax more but the place has a lot of poverty and more and more people are getting on the welfare wagon. Chicago is nearly ruined and will soon hit rock bottom.

So really, this is just another liberal run city. Find any city in dire straits and it is run by liberals.

Chicago has been a liberal run city for as far back as anyone can recall. It has been the home of criminals and crime bosses and some of those were not even elected officials. Al Capone was probably one of Chicago’s more tame criminals.

Chicago has been downgraded and is now just two levels above junk bond rating:

Chicago drew closer to a fiscal free fall on Friday with a rating downgrade from Moody’s Investors Service that could trigger the immediate termination of four interest-rate swap agreements, costing the city about $58 million and raising the prospect of more broken swaps contracts.

The downgrade to Baa2, just two steps above junk, and a warning the rating could fall further still, means the third-biggest U.S. city could face even higher costs in the future if banks choose to terminate other interest-rate hedges against fluctuations in interest rates. All told, Chicago holds swaps contracts covering $2.67 billion in debt, according to a disclosure late last year. Yahoo News

I think Chicago will collapse though it is highly likely Obama will find some way to step in and get money sent there. Sharpton and others will scream racism and say we can’t let Chicago fail (like folks screamed about Detroit) but the reality is the city and most of its people deserve to fail.

The people there continue to vote for liberal politicians who are part of the crime scene. It is ingrained in the system and anyone who tries to go counter to that ends up swimming with the fishes. Let them fail and be done with it.

Perhaps once the place collapses and people move out or riot with each other they can throw out all the criminals and rebuild.

Then again it is more likely the people there, led by their political crime bosses, will walk around hat in hand to beg the American taxpayers to bail them out.

Liberals only know one solution to problems and that is to throw more money at them while fleecing as many people as they can. It never works but they keep at it. When the only tool you have is a hammer all problems look like a nail.

The only tools liberals have are tax and spend so all problems look like money problems.

Government is not your mommy and daddy and you should not depend on it. If you do you are part of the problem.

So as one pastor from the Chicago area would say, the chickens are coming home to roost…

Have fun on the way to the bottom and please, keep your issues to yourself. The rest of us do not want to pay for them. In other words, you deserve to suffer for your stupidity but the rest of us should not suffer along with you.

Even a liberal moron like Twinkle Toes Emanuel is having trouble in Chicago. People want too much and don’t think he is delivering enough…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Another Liberal City Near Bankruptcy”

  1. Barbara says:

    Lol and cares. Let it burn.